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Thursday, January 6, 2011

6 weeks

Pretty good week so far.  I had a great birthday, we went to Savannah so I could spend my Target gift cards.  I bought new bedding and a few other things.  We went out to eat at a place called "The Smokestack" or something like that.  It was a barbecue  place and was very good.  They even had fried pickles!  Blood sugars are still very hard to control.  I've raised my basals 3 or 4 times already and have had to lower my insulin to carb ratio down to 1:6.  This is gonna be interesting.  How low can you go?  I'm super carb sensitive.  Had a cup of coffee (half caff) with HWC and Stevia and went up to 150. The lows kick in around 7 weeks in my past pregnancies so I'm actually looking forward to that.  Got my Dexcom and it has been very helpful.  I have my high setting at 140 so I can start correcting before things get out of hand.  I've been on the phone constantly trying to get that darn referral.  I'm supposed to hear back today by 2:00.  Morning sickness is starting to kick in and the Queasy Drops I ordered were not sugar free!  I guess they're trying to claim that since they are sweetened with "cane juice" that there is no sugar.  Haha.  I did get a refund though and found a (hopefully) truly sugar free variety.  Another reason I want to get into the OB soon.  I will definitely be needing some Zofran and Phenergan.

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Jackie said...

Hi! I just found your blog. I am too pregnant with my third baby and I am trying to follow the primal diet as well. Excited to see how your pregnancy goes while eating primal/paleo. I am fairly new to eating primal.