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Thursday, January 20, 2011

8 Weeks

  I had my OB registration appt yesterday which I thought would be a normal "first" ob appt but all they did was paper work and drew blood.  They took around 10 vials of blood (12 tests!) and the girl who stuck me was a student.  I saw her hands shaking and thought "oh boy this should be fun". First she's trying to find a vein and can't and then I have to remind her she hasn't put on the tourniquet yet.  She proceeds to stick me and actually hits the vein (I'm a hard stick).  After getting 2 vials, she pulls back the needle too far and it comes out.  Blood is going everywhere.  I calmly say "you're out of the vein" and popped the tourniquet.  She was freaking out, poor thing.  The instructor who usually sticks me took over and got the rest of the blood.  I was supposed to go today for them to determine if they are keeping me or sending me to the Perinatologist, but the nurse says "undress from the waist down" and hands me a sheet.  Great, I have Aidan with me.  The Dr comes in and says that he wants to do an ultrasound to date the pregnancy and would go ahead and do my Pap Smear as well.  Fun times.  So we saw and heard the heartbeat which was around 150 bpm.  The doc is sending me to the peri even though I pretty much begged him to let me stay.  He was all for VBAC, acknowledged that ACOG has lowered their restrictions and agreed with me about waiting until 39 weeks. He said I was up on my info and that inducing early is an outdated practice based on old data.  I'm sure I'll have no such luck with the peri.  He told me to be my own advocate and if they don't give me a chance to find somebody else.  Kind of difficult when I have to have a referral from them! It sucked Matt had to be home to be there for Diana coming home from school so he missed seeing the ultrasound.  Aidan thought it was really cool though even though he stated that it did not look like a baby!

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