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Thursday, January 27, 2011

9 weeks

Only 31 (probably less) to go!!  Still struggling with lows.  I had my endo appt yesterday and my supercool laid back dr was not so awesome this time.  He is no longer on board with my diet (same ole schpiel about depriving my baby of nutrients.  Since when are carbs nutrients?).  He also change my basal rates.  I had about 7 different ones going to adjust for my different needs through out the day.  He wanted to switch me to one single basal rate that is lower than the others I was taking. He's trying to use cookie cutter diabetes treatment on me and that's not gonna cut it.  I ran 200 all night have been chasing my blood sugars up and down all day.  He asked me to try it for two weeks.  Yeah that is not gonna happen. Got my official HgbA1c back and it was 6.2 which he is not happy with.  He wants me below six which I agree with. I don't think it will be too hard to get it  down further.  I have been referred to Savannah Perinatology for my OB treatment.  The dr who's name is on the referral is one of the two dr's I found online who do vbac's so I'm hoping I can talk him into it.  First appt is on the 8th and I get another ultrasound!  Hopefully Matt can come with me this time.  The nausea has abated some, the zofran and phenergan are helping.  Pretty good week all in all.


Michele said...

That really sucks that your Endo is being a dink about your diet. Is he new to you?

P Gersch said...

Going under 6 is TOTALLY do-able! I believe in you. Great news about the Perinatology: You get to see your kid a lot more regularly than someone who isn't going to one (I got ultrasounds almost every month. It totally rocked watching my baby grow)

Kindra Ivie said...

Big assumptions, I know. I should unlock some additional value when an illustration happens.