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Monday, February 21, 2011

12 weeks

Sucking thumb!

     I'm late this week, got really busy and the time slipped away!  I'm so close to 13 weeks, I'm gonna skip the 12 week pic.  Baby can now open and close it's hands (which I got to see today!), it's eyes can clench, and it can make sucking movements.  Baby is now over 2 inches long crown to rump, over three inches total (actually measured 7cm today!).
     I had my endo appt in Savannah today.  The dr. was kind enough to accept me even though he doesn't take Tricare normally, so that will be much easier than driving to Augusta all the time.  He also thinks I'm not eating enough carbs.  Grrr.  He thinks my hypos can be resolved through diet.  I asked him if I had to eat carbs to keep from going low, doesn't that mean I'm taking too much insulin?  He hemmed and hawed and admitted while yes that was true, that he didn't like me fasting for so long and I need to make a point to eat breakfast.  I think it's silly to eat if I'm not hungry.  Baby is going to get what it needs either way.  He BEGGED me to at LEAST eat a bedtime snack of 15g and he would prefer 3.  He says that he doesn't approve of eating high carb and if I'm not pregnant, he doesn't care, I can eat LC if I want, but while pregnant I NEED more carbs.  So I get to see the CDE/nutritionist on Wed.  Fun times.  I know exactly what she'll say.  45g per meal, 15-30g snacks blah blah.  I've upped my carb intake to 100g to stay out of ketosis (and because of all the lows) and I think that should be plenty.
8 days ahead!
     I also had my peri appt today!  They did the nuchal translucency screening which assesses risk for Down Syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalties.  They measure the space in the back of the baby's neck and draw blood from me.  The combination of the two show an estimated risk factor.  The measurements were normal but we won't have results until the bloodwork comes back.  Baby measured 8 days ahead this time!  By LMP I should be 12w2d but I measured 13w3d.  I love getting to see baby.  It kept putting it's feet against the wall and pushing off over and over.  Was so cute.  I also got to see it suck it's thumb!  Heartbeat was 170 bpm.  There were a couple concerns that the tech mentioned.  She said the baby's bladder appeared larger than normal and that they would keep an eye on it.  She also said that there was increased vascularity around my c-section scar which could indicate a weakening in the wall.  She said she couldn't get a very clear picture because my bladder wasn't full enough so she wasn't sure.  She said they will check it again at my anatomy scan.  Said not to worry but of course I am.  They went ahead and scheduled the level 2 scan for Apr 4.  Hopefully we can find out the gender then.  I cannot wait!


Michele said...

Love the new pics! It's amazing how fast they grown isn't it?

Do you post on FF anymore? I found your birth story from Diana there! I am betting the girls on there would love to guess at the "nub" theory. You got great pics!

Allison said...

Oh wow, I haven't been on there since they started charging. Could you copy it and send to me? I would love to see it.

Steve Cooksey said...

Thanks for sharing your story Allison. It takes a great deal of courage and strength... congrats!!