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Sunday, March 20, 2011

16 weeks

     I'm making up for being early last week, by being late this week!  We are at sixteen weeks.  Baby is three to five ounces and 4-5 inches long.  The bones are in place in the ears and this means that baby can probably hear now!  I'm thinking that baby has been able to hear for a little while now with the way I feel movement after loud noises or music.  Muscles are growing stronger, and baby can straighten out more now.  Light can even be perceived though the eyelids are still fused together at this point.

     I've been feeling movement just about every day now, especially at night and have even felt a couple kicks!  I was listening to the heartbeat with the doppler and baby kicked the doppler and got away.  I've been feeling pretty good other than being constantly tired, which I am anyway, pregnant or not ( I have a sleep disorder called idiopathic hypersomnia which is similar to narcolepsy).  I've been feeling some Braxton Hicks contractions occasionally which is definitely early. They are not typically felt until after 20 weeks.  Getting so excited.  I can't wait for the big ultrasound on April 4.  Matt is taking off of work and my mom is coming up to be there and then is taking Diana for a week. I can't wait to go shopping! I've been feeling boy for a while, but the other night I had a vivid dream that I had a baby girl and now I'm not so sure.

     Matt has decided to give Primal a trial run so for dinner the other night I made his favorite food, lasagna, with a twist of course! Zucchini lasagna!  Not exactly the same but not too bad if I say so myself.  Diana scarfed it down as did I.  Aidan was not so sure lol.  I made it just like regular lasagna accept I used zucchini slices for the noodles

     I had a good endo visit on Monday.  He said that my numbers look good and that I am on top of things.  I've been struggling with night time lows and after lowering my nightime basals to .65 (lowest ever) I am finally avoiding the lows and maintaining around 65 throughout the night which I am happy with.  My latest issue has been lows during the day.  For two days in a row I ran low for a few hours and had to eat a large number of carbs to keep my bg up.  I lowered my noon to 6pm basal today and so far so good! The constant lows were a bit disconcerting.  I drove Aidan to SC to stay with my parents for the week and went through my stockpile of juiceboxes and snacks during the trip there.  Hopefully these changes will work for a while.


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