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Friday, March 25, 2011

17 weeks

This week baby is adding fat stores and it's weight will increase approximately 6 times in the next 4 weeks! He or she is honing their sucking and swallowing reflexes. Baby is around 6.5 inches long and about 5oz. It also now has distinct facial features.

It's been a pretty slow week. Aidan has been staying with my mom this week so things have been quiet. I had my eye exam yesterday which is always a little scary, but as usual,the doc said my eyes look great and there are no signs of diabetic retinopathy. I haven't felt as much movement so was getting a little worried and pulled out the doppler. I immediately got a strong heartbeat and the pressure apparently made the baby really mad and I felt movement then! Had my round two of blood work for the sequential screen. They combine the results with the nuchal translucency testing to get a figure for risk of Down's and Trisomy. My risk was 1:1700 which was great because the number is a bit lower for my age alone, so that was reassuring. We are getting closer to April 4! I can't wait. It turns out that they will only allow one person back with me during the ultrasound, so mom is gonna go ahead and take Diana back to SC on the weekend so she gets her full week at grandmas. It's cool though, because Matt didn't get to see Aidan's ultrasound because he was in AIT so this one will be special. The kids are excited as well. Diana is sure it's a boy and Aidan says girl. They are both convinced they are right and have gotten in a few fights over it!

Blood sugars are good. Have had to lower night time basals yet again. Have maintained during the night, but am still dropping around 5 am so I've lowered those basals. I cannot get over how little insulin I am taking. I read somewhere that some diabetic women actually make insulin during pregnancy, so I would love to know if this is true for me. Guess we'll never know. Had a scary low the other day. Was 36 and felt nothing. The cgm was beeping and I felt fine, so ignored it, but finally did a finger-stick when it said "LOW" and it was indeed below 40. I tend to get hypo unawareness during pregnancy and that's always scary, so I really need to get a handle on the lows.

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Rockabilly Gypsy said...

yikes that is low! Glad though if you are making insulin, even if it's just during your pregnancy :-) Oh I love the background on your blog!