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Friday, April 8, 2011

19 weeks

     19 weeks, almost halfway!  Most babies at this stage are around 6in long and 8.5 oz.  At our scan Mon, he weighed 10oz but we couldn't get a length because he moved around so much and stayed curled up most of the time. The kidneys are now functioning, hair is growing on the head, and the teeth and gums are developing nicely.  The part of the brain that controls the senses is starting to emerge.  

     I'm feeling pretty good.  This period is considered the "honeymoon" period of pregnancy.  I'm not too big yet, and not yet experiencing all the discomforts that come with the third trimester.  I am already getting uncomfortable at night however and really want one of those pregnancy body pillows.  They are a little pricey so don't know if we can't spring for one any time soon.  Don't they look comfy?

     I think the insulin resistance is finally starting to kick in.  I had a few good days and then the night time numbers started to creep up into the 150's-180 so I bumped up the basals.  Also bumped up afternoon basals as well and lowered my evening insulin to carb ratio.  I'm actually kind of relieved this has started since I know it is normal.  Things seem to be back on track today so keeping my fingers crossed for a few more normal days.  

1 comment:

Rockabilly Gypsy said...

ok I'm not even pregnant and I want one of those pillows! :-) You should seen if you can get everyone on fb/blogger to send like $1 to your paypal for one :-)