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Friday, April 15, 2011

20 weeks

     We are halfway there!  Wow, it already feels like I've been pregnant forever.  Baby is around 10.5 oz and 10 in long from head to heel!  He now has established sleep patterns similar to a newborn's and  his testes are descending into the scrotum.  From here on out, he will mainly be gaining weight.

     I've been experiencing a lot of hip pain in the last week.  Apparently this is normal and is caused by a hormone that causes the ligaments to relax and the hips to widen in preparation for birth.  Like I need any wider hips!  I've also been having sciatica during the night which is not fun at all.  Hint hint, need pregnancy pillow! :)  My belly has really popped, and I'm feeling strong kicks and thuds now.  I swear this kid is so active.  The other night I was feeling thumps up high and down low only seconds apart so either he flipped, or was kicking and punching.  I can't wait for Matt and the kids to be able to feel them.  This usually happens around 22 weeks for me.

     I've been doing extensive research into VBAC's and have found a lot of good info.  Out of the majority of studies I read (including one with 17,000 trials of labor) the risks of rupture for a vbac after 2 cesareans is around .9.  I also found a study showing that if double layer sutures were used instead of single layer, the risk is around .45.  I looked at my operative report, they did double layer and it appears after that they added a third layer, so I should be good there.  According to one site, I am more likely to die in a car accident or be murdered than to have a uterine rupture.  Some other things I had not considered before;  with a third cesarean, my risk of hysterectomy is around 10-15%, risk of hemorrhage is in the 20% range, a 10-12% chance that I will need a blood transfusion, and there is also a 20-30% chance that the baby will have respiratory distress, because he hasn't gone through the labor and delivery process that squeezes fluids out of his lungs.  With the right provider I have a 75% chance of successful vaginal delivery whereas a first time mom only has a 60-65% chance in the first place!  I am learning a lot.

      I had my endo appointment on Wed, and it went fine. I'm pretty much doing everything on my own and he just  writes down what changes I have made lol.  My a1c is down to 5.4.  Getting closer to my goal of sub 5!  My blood sugars have been slightly erratic.  Good most of the time, but have been running high after dinner so I lowered my carb ratio again.  It's a constant challenge, but I'm staying on top of things so far.


Amanda said...

Hi! I recently discovered your blog, because like yourself, I am type 1 diabetic and have decided to change the way I eat to paleo. My husband has been doing so for nearly a year now, and I decided it was my turn. I have only been doing it for about a week, and so far it seems to be going well! I was wondering if you had any ideas or comments on how paleo has helped with your diabetes and could help mine. We are also looking into starting a family in the next year or so, and I would love to keep eating paleo then as well! You inspire me with your lifestyle and I look forward to your posts! And you look amazing!


Erin said...

Wow! Amazing statistics on the v-bac stuff! Glad you're going for it!