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Friday, April 29, 2011

22 weeks

     Twenty two weeks!  Baby is around a foot long and about a pound!  He now has eyebrows and eyelashes and maybe hair on his head.  He can hear my voice, my heartbeat and my stomach gurgling :) .  His taste buds are forming as well!

     I'm feeling pretty good.  I've been fighting swelling in my ankles, which in the past has started around 20 weeks for me.  They were a little swollen one day and since then I've been making sure to take my magnesium and Vitamin D3 regularly, as well as increasing fluids and not eating whole jars of olives ;)  .  My main plan is to stay inside in the air conditioning during this nasty hot weather.  I think the magnesium is really helping with bp as well.  In the past I've had borderline high bp, but so far it's stayed around 100/60.  I found a study online showing that pregnant women who take 4000 IU of Vitamin D3 are less likely to have pregnancy complications like preeclampsia.  I'm feeling really strong kicks regularly now, and can feel them from the outside as well.  So far I'm the only one who can feel them though.  Matt and Diana have both tried to feel but he gets shy as soon as a hand is on my belly.
      I think I've found the perfect crib bedding set!  I really like the safari animal theme and I like the colors as well.  It's a 13 piece set for only $49.99!  I think I'm gonna go ahead and get this, but wait until after my shower to buy the other stuff.  We've scheduled the shower for Jun 25, and Keeper is being kind enough to host it! It will be in Greenwood at my parent's house.  If anyone would like an invite, message me your email.

     Everything is going pretty well on the diabetes front.  I was having some trouble with lows again, so I again lowered my basal rates.  The last two nights I've been running  a little high during the night so I'm adjusting that.  It never ends!  After many many phone calls between Tricare, my Endocrinologist, and my Family Dr. I've finally got my sensors!  Tricare refused to pay for them unless they were ordered by my Primary Care Manager, when in the past my endo had ordered them.  Well the problem was, one, my primary care manager isn't even there anymore, and two, they had never heard of a CGMS and had no idea what to order.  It was like pulling teeth!  The issue is finally resolved thank God, and I got my shipment yesterday.

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