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Friday, May 6, 2011

23 weeks

     Man, I've been a papaya for like 3 weeks now!  I think they need a new system.  We are at 23 weeks!  Baby is packing on the pounds.  By the end of the month he will have doubled his weight!  His lungs are coming along nicely and have started producing surfactant and he is taking practice breaths.  Babies born between 23 and 24 weeks have a 10-70% chance of survival but it is MUCH better that he stays in as long as possible!

     I think there is a huge difference in my belly this week!  He really is growing.  So far I've gained around 17lb.  Hopefully I won't gain too much this time around.  I usually gain around 35lb and I read that you typically gain the same amount with each child regardless of diet.  Guess we'll see.

     I had a great appointment with the midwife on Monday.  I had gained 4lb from last month and they were thrilled with that (had not been gaining for a while).  My blood pressure was great, 100/76, I measured right on target and they said my blood sugars were "perfect".  Not so sure about that one lol.  I go back on the 31'st which will put me at 26 weeks.  I'll be getting a CBC drawn and an antibody screen  I do get to skip the gestational diabetes test.  Woohoo!  No sugary nasty drink for me!  I will go back after that at 28 weeks and have my Rhogam shot since I am O-negative and Matt is positive.  After that I will go weekly for non-stress tests and biophysical profiles until 32 weeks.  After that I will go twice weekly.  Phew!  That is gonna get expensive gas and childcare wise.  I have my fetal echo-cardiogram on the 23rd.  This is just protocol with diabetics, not because they are otherwise concerned.
     Everything has been going pretty well otherwise.  My blood sugars have been decent, a few night time lows, but not too bad.  I have been having more trouble with sciatica.  I don't remember it being this bad with the other two.  I've had a few Braxton Hicks contractions, but nothing bad.  Guess my body is just practicing!

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Rockabilly Gypsy said...

you look fabulous! glad it's starting to smooth out :-)