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Friday, May 13, 2011

24 weeks

     I am now 24 weeks! That's six months in lunar months.  Baby is getting bigger every day.  He will gain around a half a pound this week!  He is very mobile now.  He can kick, suck his thumb, open and close his mouth, and his hearing is fully functional now.  He will start if there is a loud noise.  Pretty cool.  Babies born at this point are considered viable, but they are at risk for many disabilities.

     So I got an exercise/birthing ball at a really great deal from graveyardmall.  I've been using it to sit on and I think it's really helping the sciatica.  It has been better either way, so I will continue to use it if the kids don't destroy it first!  They love the new "toy" and are constantly fighting over it.  I had another day of swollen ankles (this time not after eating a jar of olives) but they have been better since.  I'm sure the heat is not helping.

     My baby girl had her last day of kindergarten today!  My how time flies.  She received 3 awards, academic achievement, superb sight reader award, and writing award for her creative stories!  I am so proud of her.  She is reading very well and just lost one of her front teeth.  Now we have to come up with some summer activities.  I'm trying to get stewartmommies playgroup active again, so if you're in the Fort Stewart/Hinesville area, please come join us.

     I've had some wonky blood sugars this week.  A couple days ago I had some lows that stayed below 40 for a couple hours.  That was kinda scary.  Then I had another site rip out and ran in the 200's all day.  Not fun.  Back to normal today, so hopefully we'll stay that way for a while, though I know the big time insulin resistance will be starting very soon.


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