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Sunday, May 29, 2011

26 weeks

     At 26 weeks, baby is approximately 2lb and  around  14 inches long.  His eyes, which were previously fused, are now starting to open.  He is practice breathing and fat is accumulating under his skin!

     We've had a busy week!  Monday we had the pedi cardiologist appt for the fetal echo.  It was kind of confusing.  The tech doing the echo said they look for thickening in the walls with diabetic mothers but she didn't see any of that.  Then the dr came in and said everything looked fine.  He then went on to say that there was some "mild" thickening and he wanted to re-check in 4 weeks.  He finished up by saying everything looked fine.  Annoying.  On Thursday we went to Hilton Head for a luncheon for the winners of the "Trip of a Lifetime" contest, in which we came in 2nd.  The prize was a all expenses paid trip to the British Virgin Islands, use of a 46 foot Catamaran along with a captain for it, food and spending money.  Since we came in 2nd, we thought we were just going for a free lunch.  Imagine our surprise when they announced they were awarding a second prize!  I'm hoping we can wait until after the baby comes to take the vacation.  :)
      So we decided to stay in Hilton Head for the night and take the kids to the beach.  That night, on the way home from an awesome dinner at Michael Anthony's I got an occlusion alarm on my Omnipod.  I changed it out when we got back to the hotel room but the next one immediately began alarming "pod error, insulin delivery stopped".  We had planned on only being there for the day, but I still packed 2 extra pods "just in case".  I called Omnipod and they agreed to replace the pods.  After this I went to start the last pod.  It never started up.  It did not connect with the PDM, basically a bad pod.  So I have no more pods left and my blood sugar is 250.  I'm starting to panic. I have a bottle of Lantus but have no clue how much to take. I called my endocrinologist's office and the answering service put in a page to him. He calls me back and is really rude.  He wants to know when I last saw him.  I had seen him about 4 weeks before but was flustered and couldn't quite remember when and I had to cancel my last appointment.  He says if I can't come to see him regularly then he can't help me.  I am in tears at this point.  I only missed one appt!  He finally tells me to take my total daily basal and use that as my Lantus dose.  I did this but it didn't seem like enough.  The next day I'm holding around 350 and it took hours to bring it back down.  

     My peri appointment is on Tuesday and I am going to discuss the endo situation with Dr. Royek.  I am very unhappy and did not like the way my diabetes was managed in the hospital a few weeks ago.  I really don't like the idea of this guy managing me when I have the baby.  The only thing he does for me is write prescriptions, I manage my diabetes on my own.  Not sure what I'm gonna do.  

     I did find some cool stuff at a consignment shop in Hilton Head.  I found a boppy pillow for $12 and a sleep sack for $6.  They had some really nice stuff but even being at consignment prices, were out of our price range.  One stroller was $300!  I am keeping my eye out for a bassinet and a rocking chair/glider.  They can be expensive and I don't mind getting those used.  I also got a cute pair of maternity capris.  Nice finds!


Anonymous said...

You are gonna have to be my go-to gal when my time comes:) I am so excited WITH you!

Rockabilly Gypsy said...

holy crap that guy is a jerk! I seriously would make a formal complaint.