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Friday, June 3, 2011

27 weeks

     At 27 weeks, baby's lungs and immune system are maturing.  If he were born today, he would have an 85% chance of survival.  His length has more than doubled in the past 15 weeks, he is around 15 inches long and more than 2lb. We are about to be in the third trimester!

     I had a great peri appointment on Tuesday.  I was up four lb from last month so am gaining around a lb a week like I'm supposed to.  My bp was good and urine was negative for sugar and protein.  Baby's heart-rate was good and I measured at 26 and a half weeks.  I saw the midwife/np this time and told her my concerns about the endocrinologist.  She didn't act at all surprised and said I don't have to see him anymore!  They will take over my diabetes management.  She said while he is a good doctor, he doesn't keep their pregnant diabetics as tight as they would like.  She just wants me to email in my blood sugars once a week.  I am so happy! I also had blood drawn for a cbc, an antibody screen (because I'm RH negative) and an a1c.  The cbc came back great, she said my hemoglobin was fabulous (it always is lol) and my a1c was 5.7.  I'm not too happy about that but I think it is probably from the highs last week.  I've read that just a few hours of highs can glycase the blood and raise your number.  Will be working hard to bring that down! I am cleared for the drive to Mississippi but I was instructed to get compression stockings to prevent swelling and blood clots, and to stop every couple hours to stretch and walk around.  I had no idea how expensive (or how ugly) compression stockings are.  I finally found some on amazon that weren't too bad.

     My numbers have been a little crazy but not too bad.  I think my carb ratio has gone down again because I've had a few higher post meals.  In general though, I've been doing pretty well.  I was reading vbac birth stories last night and came across one who used the "Gentle Birth Method" by Dr. Gowri Motha.  I'm hoping to get her book as it looks really interesting.  She recommends a gluten free diet that is low in carbs (higher than I'm doing but still) and limited fruit.  She claims this reduces swelling and bloating, so that might be what is helping here in addition to the D3 and magnesium.  I also have added in calcium as well.  Whatever it is is working so far!

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kick ass you don't have to see that nerd anymore! Didn't sound like he was very caring.