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Friday, June 10, 2011

28 weeks

     At 28 weeks, we are in the third trimester!  This week baby's eyes are partially open and he can blink.  His eyes now have color and while they say it might not be the true color, I can pretty much guarantee they are blue :) .  He is pushing 3lb and is almost 16 inches long.  His sleep now includes rapid eye movement, which means he might be dreaming, kinda cool to think about.

    We are currently in Mississippi, visiting with the Herschede's (and Johnston's).  The trip up went pretty well.  The kids have had a fun time swimming, seeing their cousins and spending time with Grandma and Grandpa.  Matt has been able to spend some quality gaming time with his dad. :)  The kids, Ree and I went baby shopping in Columbus today.  We were looking for a bassinet, which we did not find, but I did find some adorable outfits for baby.  I want to find one similar to the one pictured for the going home outfit (this one is size 6 months).

     My next appointment is on the 17th, and I'll be having a growth ultrasound.  Can't wait to see baby!  I'm hoping they do 3d again this time.  They'll also be starting the weekly non-stress tests and biophysical profiles.  On the 20th I go for a re-check on the fetal echo to check baby's heart.

     The insulin resistance has really kicked in as I was expecting it to.  I've had to increase my basals as well as dropping my insulin to carb ratio (down to 1:3 eek!) and my correction factor.  I'm still keeping my carbs fairly low though I have added in milk and fruit.  Limiting carbs is making a huge difference this pregnancy as far as my meal doses.  With the last two I had to take massive doses to cover my carbs and this really helps.  After a couple days of nasty numbers, I am back in the "normal" range.

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