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Saturday, June 18, 2011

29 weeks


     It has been a busy week!  We spent last week in MS and the day before we left we drove to Jackson to my friend Melinda and her husband.  After we said goodbye we stopped at Babies R Us since Baby Depot was farther away and I wanted to see if they had any deals.  They did!  The travel system I had on my registry was a Graco Alano and was around $170.  Well for the weekend only, Babies R Us had the Chicco Cortina Travel System at $100 off for $199.  While that is more than I planned to spend, I couldn't pass up the deal!  I never expected to be able to get one. They also had a Pack N Play with Elephants that I loved for 69.99 (the others were around 149).  I was hoping to find the miPump breast pump, but they didn't have it there.  I did find the Gumdrop pacifiers I want to use though.  Very good shopping trip!

     On Sunday on our trip back "home" we stopped for gas.  When I got back into the car there was an envelope that said "Allison, do not open until June 12".  Pessimist that I am thought it must be something awful and looked at Matt uncertainly.  He urged me to open it and inside are maps, brochures and tickets to Disney World, including shows and hotel reservations!  The sneak had been planning it for weeks and had taken care of EVERYTHING.  If you know me you know that I really really really HATE surprises and I wanted so badly to be mad, but hard as I tried, could not come up with a reason to be angry.  We had a very nice trip though the heat was almost unbearable.  It was a really cool surprise and Matt really got me good.  :)

     I had my Peri appointment yesterday and it was a long one.  They were also very backed up so much of the time I spent waiting.  I was up another 3lb so I'm pretty much right on track of a lb a week.  No sugar or protein in the urine and bp was good.  After that they hooked me up to the monitors for my weekly non-stress test.  This monitors for contractions and tracks the baby's heart rate.  They look for the heart rate to go up a few times and baby was being stubborn.  He was moving because I could feel him, but the nurse said "he only moved once" and promptly zapped my belly (very strange sensation) to get the baby moving.  I could have kicked her.  After the NST they did the bio physical profile.  This is an ultrasound that checks heart rate, muscle tone, movement, practice breathing and amniotic fluid level.  He passed them all so that was a relief.  They did a growth ultrasound after that.  Now from the beginning I've said that I am farther along than my lmp due date, and even though he has consistently measured large, they refuse to change my due date.  Well he measured 3lb14oz on the ultrasound which measured 32 weeks.  According to lmp I should have been 29 weeks though the dr kept calling me 28 weeks (I was at the very end of the 28th week by their records).  I am positive I am 30 weeks and told her this.  She flips through my chart and finally acknowledges that at my 12 week ultrasound I measured 8 days ahead so ok I am a week ahead but they still aren't changing my due date.  Because of the diabetes, they expect him to be big and don't want to take him too early.  Grrrrr.  She said that he is measuring in the 97th percentile and is huge.  Now here is the way I figure it.  Diana and Aidan were both 2lb14oz at 28 weeks.  The baby is expected to gain around 1/2 lb a week, so if he is 3lb14oz at 30 weeks, he was around 2lb14oz at 28 weeks just like Diana and Aidan were.  I also found an online fetal weight percentile calculator and going by 30 weeks, he is only in the 60th percentile.  Diana and Aidan both stayed in the 50-75th percentile in my pregnancies, so I don't think he is that big.  She said that they will reevaluate around 34 weeks to see how big he is and if I am still a vbac candidate.

     So we finally decided on a name!  Our baby will be named Adrian Christopher.  We have not yet agreed on what to call him.  Matt likes Adrian, but I like Christopher.  We shall see.

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P Gersch said...

*sigh* they all need to learn that baby fat squishes, and freak out less about weight. I remember all the stress tests and at one point they were convinced I was in labor even though I couldn't feel any contractions. I got sent to L&D for no reason and sent home with an extra $200 bill. Grace was a lot less active in the final weeks, and regularly freaked the nurses out. I have a perfectly healthy 3yo girl now. Crazy heads.