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Monday, June 27, 2011

30 weeks

     Sorry I'm late, it's been a busy weekend!  I drove to SC on Thur to get ready for the baby shower on Sat.  It turned out really nice (thank you to Keeper and my mom for all the work!).  We decorated onesies and I ended up with some really cute ones.  Baby got some nice gifts as well.    

     I had my weekly monitoring on Wednesday and it went great.  Baby passed his bio-physical profile no problem and did great on the NST.  He was very reactive and I only had to stay on the monitor for the minimum 20 min.  He is still breech and was face down so we couldn't get any good pics.  I am really starting to get concerned about his position and have started doing exercises to get him to turn but so far he is being stubborn.

     My blood sugars have been crazy lately.  The insulin resistance is in full force.  I've increased basal rates twice and lowered my insulin to carb ratio down to 1:2 for breakfast and it's at 1:3 the rest of the time.  Having to take tons of insulin for even a small amount of carbs.  I'm scared to eat any as even a small amount causes a big spike. It's extremely frustrating but I know it won't last too much longer.  My insulin needs typically drop from 34-35 weeks.

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