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Saturday, July 2, 2011

31 weeks

     We are at 31 weeks.  Nine to go (or less)!  Adrian is gaining 1/2 lb a week, he can process information from all 5 senses, and his lungs are the only system not fully mature!  He is over 16 inches long and I think it's safe to say over 4 lb.  Up to this week I had been really concerned about him being breech and on Wednesday he finally turned vertex!  I was so excited.  Well since then he has turned from vertex, to transverse to breech 3 times at least and won't stay still.  I just pray he will go head down and stay there soon!

     My appointment went well.  BP was 105/60, urine was clear and was up 1/2 a lb.  He passed the NST easily in 20 min and passed the BPP with flying colors.  I had my office visit with the midwife and she said everything looks good and that hopefully he'll start making his way out around 38 weeks.  Sigh.  I asked about keeping my pump and cgm when I have the baby and she said that should be no problem, that they acknowledge I know more about the pump and my diabetes than they do.  She also said it shouldn't be a problem to order me a normal diet (the "diabetic" diet is too high carb ironically).

  It's been a great week diabetes wise.  My blood sugars have been very stable and I've stayed in the 20-50g range for carbs with no issues.  I think it's perfectly safe to say that this little man is growing just fine without a ton of carbs!

     I finally found a bassinet!  I had been looking for weeks and couldn't find any that weren't $100 or really shabby looking if not that much.  Found a really pretty one that looks brand new at a local consignment shop for $35. I also found a Pack N Play IDENTICAL to the one I bought at Babies R Us at a thrift store so I took back the other one.  They only gave me store credit, but with that I was able to get a bouncy seat, some burp cloths, receiving blankets and some other things I've been needing to buy.  I think we're pretty well set.  I just need to get bottles, (I want to get the Breastflow bottles that go along with my breast pump.  They are supposed to be closer to natural and let babies switch back and forth from breast to bottle.)  more burp cloths, a swing,  and a few other things.

     My parents are on their way to take the kids for the week.  Hopefully, Matt and I will get to spend some quality (kid-free!) time together.  I'm trying to drag him to Savannah as I've never done the tourist thing as long as we've lived here.  There will also be 4th of July stuff on post that look like fun.

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