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Saturday, July 16, 2011

33 weeks

     At 33 weeks Adrian's lungs are continuing to develop.  His pupils can adjust to bright or dim light, and he is gaining around a half a pound a week now.  At this point,  the average baby weighs around 4 1/2 lb.  At our appointment yesterday, the estimated weight was 5lb 13 oz, which puts him again in the 97th percentile and 3 weeks ahead.  So going by my counts he's 2 weeks ahead and if he gains half a lb a week he'll be around 9lb if I go to 40 weeks which means he'd be around 8lb at 38 weeks just like Aidan was (I don't know why I let them get me so worked up!).  When the lady was doing my scan she does the belly first and says "oh yes chubby tummy, have your blood sugars been bad?" Made me so mad.  I told her, "no they've been great!"  She looks like she doesn't believe me.  Then after she does all the measurements, she says, "oh well in diabetics we usually see just large bellies but he's big everywhere!"  I'm like duh, he's just a big baby, he does have a 7 ft tall uncle!  I'm just hoping this kid comes on the early side.  He did fine on his NST's and Biophysical Profiles this week.  I'm still having abdominal/back pain, but thank goodness, Matt has been here a lot to help out.  It hurts less when baby is low so I wish he'd just go ahead and engage, though I know it's unlikely.

     I'm getting close to having everything I need for the baby.  I found a swing on Craigslist for $14 that is $75 on Amazon, and found the Breastflow bottles I want to use on Ebay for $10.  I'm pretty much down to the little things.  I still need things like a Bumbo seat, high chair, exersaucer, and baby monitor, but they can wait a while. Of course I need more diapers!  I found a good deal on Amazon mom which has them for 30% off if I sign up for a subscription (which I can cancel at anytime).  Getting excited!  He could be here in 3 weeks or 7  weeks.  I'm really hoping he gets here before Sep 1 though because of all the trouble we had with Diana and school deadlines.

     I've had another week of good blood sugars.  No problems there.  I have been less keen on the meat and eggs etc, not sure if it's the heat or the pregnancy, but all I want to eat is raw fruit and raw vegetables.  Peaches and tomatoes mainly (thanks Mom), but they haven't affected my blood sugars (according to my pump I've been eating between 20-75g of carbs a day).  I haven't gained any weight for the last couple weeks so hoping to keep the weight gain to a minimum.  Pretty good week!

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