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Saturday, July 23, 2011

34 weeks

     In the home stretch!  Baby is close to 18 in this week and the average baby is close to 5lb.  This one is probably a little over 6lb at this point.  His immune system is taking over (rather than just relying on mommy's), his central nervous system is maturing and his lungs continue to mature.  Babies born at this point generally do fine.  They may have a short stay in the NICU, but generally don't have any problems.

     We had a good appointment yesterday.  The biophysical profile was a breeze.  Adrian immediately moved and took practice breaths.  His fluid level was great.  I have been pushing fluids since his fluid level seemed to be declining but it's back up!  I discussed birth options with the midwife.  I told her I would really like baby out by Sep 1 because of school deadlines.  She said my only option induction wise would be a Foley Bulb induction, where they insert a Foley Catheter bulb into the cervix and inflate it.  When the cervix dilates to around 4cm the bulb falls out and they break your water after that.  Other induction methods such as Cervidil or Cytotec are totally off the table because of the risk of uterine rupture.  She doesn't like the idea of any interventions at all.  She says they are a slippery slope that will lead to another c-section but it will be up to the dr if he wants to do it or not.  That brings up the other issue.  My dr will not be on call the week before my due date, (the OFFICIAL Sep 3 due date) another doctor that I haven't met will be.  She has no idea how he feels about vbac or inducing and has set up an appointment with him for my next office visit.  I don't like the idea of not having my dr but unless things are scheduled, it's up to chance whether he will be on call or not. She said my best odds are to come in in active labor around 5cm and to labor at home as long as possible.  She says supplements like the Evening Primrose Oil (which I just started taking) and 5w (an herbal supplement that readies the body for labor) are fine but not to use anything stronger like Blue or Black Cohosh tinctures and to definitely not use Castor Oil.  She said Castor Oil will cause intense back to back contractions that will show on the monitor like my placenta is abrupting and they would rush me to c-section so we don't want that.  Walking and other "natural" methods are my best bet.

     After a couple weeks of pretty blood sugars, my fasting numbers started to rise into the low 100's so I increased my morning basals, then a couple days ago I started having more daytime lows.  This reinforces my belief that I'm actually 35 weeks as the lows started at 35 weeks with Diana and Aidan.  They were not concerned about it, and said I am on top of things and they are confident in my ability to manage my blood sugars (still not changing my due date though).

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