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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

35 weeks

     It's been a crazy week.  At my Tue appt they discovered Adrian had gone breech after being head down for a while. I've been trying every technique I can think of, but so far they haven't worked.  He did well on the monitoring and I was down two lb.

     On Friday night I was rubbing on some good old coconut oil on my belly trying to ward off the stretch marks.  I accidentally got  some on my pump site and the adhesive started loosening up.  I thought it was ok though and went to bed.  When I woke up I was not feeling well.  I was nauseated and just felt bad all around.  My Dexcom had been beeping all night long, but I had ignored it because I had taken Tylenol before bed and that makes artificially high readings on the Dexcom.  I did a finger stick and was around 300.  I bolused for it and two hours later had not come down at all. I changed out my site and saw that the cannula was slightly bent and was partially pulled out. I bolused again and drank some Maalox for the nausea.  I called Matt and told him what was going on and asked him to go buy me some ketone test strips on his way home.  I did a urine ketone test and it instantly turned dark burgundy- large ketones. From this I knew I needed to call the doctor, who of course told me to go to L&D.  During the ride to Savannah, I started having contractions around 4 minutes apart. When we got to L&D the monitor was showing them 2 min apart. The dr checked me and I was only dilated a fingertip.  The labs showed massive ketones in my blood and my CO2 level was way off.  I was put on an insulin drip and fluids because of the dehydration.  My mom came and got the kids. Thank goodness they aren't too far away.
     After a few hours my numbers were back in the normal range but my CO2 was still abnormal and I still had some ketones so they put me on d5 (dextrose) with half normal saline and potassium to get rid of the ketones.  I also wasn't allowed to eat until Sunday which was completely miserable since I hadn't had anything    to eat since Friday night.  I again had to fight the diet battle, but it wasn't so bad this time.  They of course had me on an ADA diet (the dr said it would be malpractice to put me on a normal diet lol) but I could order basically what I wanted (no high fat of course).  My numbers were great Sunday with a couple lows and Mon  they finally let me go after my labs normalized. Apparently Adrian was not looking well at all when I came in but was looking great by the time I left.  Matt stayed with me the entire time, which made me feel a lot better. Being alone in the hospital is no fun.
     I have an appointment this morning (Tuesday) so we'll see how Adrian is doing, and I will be meeting with Dr. Baker and find out his opinion on induction at 39 weeks (40 by my count) and I'm going to ask about turning the baby as well if he doesn't turn by then.

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