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Saturday, August 20, 2011

38 weeks

     Still pregnant!  I've tried every natural induction method I can find short of castor oil etc.  This child is apparently stubborn.  He is still doing well on the monitoring.  Had good results yesterday.  On Tues I was checked and was at 1-2 cm and baby was well engaged.  I also had her sweep my membranes which I had heard was uncomfortable but omg OUCH.  I had steady contractions and "bloody show" for the rest of the day but nothing came of it.  I am scheduled to be induced on Fri, Aug 26, which has been the due date I've had in my head since the beginning.  Their official Sep 3 due date is not possible, but oh well, it doesn't really matter at this point does it?   I am still hoping to go into labor on my own as interventions lead to c-section.  I've been having more lows and had to lower my basals after 3 lows during the night.  Hoping this will be my last "pregnant" blog.  Wish me luck!


Jennifer L. said...

I am curious about why you're trying to induce early on your own and why the due date week is too long? Are they concerned about the baby's size or your glucose levels? I wouldn't exactly call him "stubborn" just yet (two weeks after your due date, maybe...), but now he could simply be perhaps not all done yet! The last two weeks are good for development and your great diet might allow your body to go full term without a hitch. Looking forward to hearing more!

Allison said...

I'm pretty sure that I'm a week ahead of the LMP due date. I know for a fact that I couldn't have gotten pregnant at the time necessary for a Sep 3 due date and he's been measuring 8+ days ahead since 11 weeks. They told me at my appointment over a week ago that he measured 8lb14oz so I am freaking out about size. I want a vba2c and know the bigger he is, the lower my chances. This is also the longest I have ever been pregnant. I had my daughter at 37w6d and my son at 38 even because of diabetes protocol.

Allison said...

Sorry he's been measuring at least 8 days ahead since 12 weeks. At 11 weeks he measured 4 days ahead.

Jennifer L. said...

Well, it's a week after this post--I am wondering if there is a wee one here! Very exciting. If so, you're likely crazy busy :-)