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Friday, August 12, 2011

37 weeks

   37 weeks!  We are now officially full-term.  I had my monitoring today along with a growth scan.  The monitoring went fine but Adrian measured 8lb14oz!  I know the estimates can be off but that is concerning.  It seems so unfair that he is so big.  I've done so well with my diet and haven't eaten junk, and my blood sugars have been great for the most part.

      I am currently trying all the natural methods to induce labor that I can think of.  Hoping the full moon this weekend will help as well.  Just had eggplant parmigiana for dinner and it was delicious.  Hope it works!  My Group B Strep test came back positive, so I will have to have antibiotics when I have the baby, but I guess it really doesn't matter as I will have to have an i.v. anyway.

     My a1c was 5.7 again.  I thought it would be lower, but the sustained high when I had the site issue probably made it higher.  They are happy with it though as it is still below 6.  My numbers are still great, though I'm continuing to have lows.


Jennifer L. said...

I am kind of curious to know how low your lows are since my numbers tend to err on the low side mostly regardless of what I eat (unless I eat something crazy like four gluten free waffles--then it skyrockets...but I don't generally eat them all!). What is considered too low for the day?

Allison said...

How far along are you? Generally I'm calling lows 40's and 50's. I don't typically treat until I get around 60. If you're constantly running low, I would lower basal insulin.

Jennifer L. said...

I'm nearly 20 weeks and my "diabetes" (if we could call it's more an intolerance to drinking 50 grams of glucose for breakfast!) seems easily controlled by diet. I do have odd spikes here and there though. My "lows" are like between 75-85 after meals (which is nearly constant). It's odd to sometimes have my 1-hour post-pandial breakfast reading be lower than my fasting. My fasting would be like 77 and an hour after breakfast 72. What's up with that? I am not sure I'd be walking if I hit 40 something! Do you definitely feel it if your glucose gets low? My husband thinks I should be able to feel it if it gets too high or too low. Can you tell if you're running around with your glucose over 200, or does it feel the same as usual? I can't seem to notice one way or another.

Allison said...

Those are great numbers! I would definitely not consider them lows. I do feel when I am high or low. I've had some issues with hypo unawareness in my past pregnancies but not so much this time. Sounds like you're doing great. Did you eat primal before the pregnancy? If so, your body has probably gotten used to not processing carbs for fuel and yeah 50g of glucose would show as "diabetic" even when you are not in fact. I can barely touch carbs at this point.

Jennifer L. said...

Hi Allison,

I have been gluten free since my daughter was born in 2007 and have gradually cut down on grains/carbs over the last year and a half or so. Most grains were problematic to my digestion, but I seem to tolerate buckwheat and millet well enough to a serving or two a day. If I eat grain products with a lot of protein, I can manage it for breakfast without much to-do.

I had "gestational diabetes" with my first pregnancy too and my glucose levels were under their 130 range 98% of the time (that I was testing). I didn't have any highs as the high as the few I've had this time (all of like 163 from adzuki beans and yams...). Last time my two high numbers were around 143/147. It was really bizarre how much extra monitoring they subjected me to, considering my numbers were so normal. My numbers last time were higher overall though--in a day it would be between 100-120 and now my average is 80-95 ish on a lower carb diet. However, the spikes seem more noticeably high if I test too early or I've eaten something particularly carb-ish or sweet (163 is still the highest reading I've gotten, short of failing the 1 hour 50 gram glucose tolerance test at like 223 or something absurd).

I too am hoping for a VBAC since my first daughter was a scheduled cesarean for breech presentation. I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed for you!! I didn't even get to labor at all, so I am still quite in denial that my body even has a clue of what to do. My 20 week ultrasound is coming up so we'll get to check the scar to make sure the placenta is where it should be.

To add to the insanity, we're trying for a home birth as well. Fortunately, my midwife isn't too disturbed by my case of "gestational diabetes."

I am kind of worried for the insulin resistance to set in at some point because I read that first trimester blood work correlates to the third trimester insulin resistance. Since my initial test came back so high, I am slightly worried that someday my numbers will just go berserk. It's like watching a pot boil. Fun, fun!

I am looking forward to reading more of your adventures and wishing you very stable glucose levels over the next few weeks! Good luck!