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Saturday, September 24, 2011

4 weeks old

     It has been a pretty uneventful week.  We are doing well, though Adrian is still very fussy.  The Gripe Water helps, but he still cries a lot.  I got my sling in the mail and it's been very helpful.  It frees up my hands so I can cook and help the kids while still holding him.  Nursing is still going well and he appears to be gaining weight.

     One thing that does calm him is his bath.  He absolutely loves it!  He kicks and splashes and is very mad when I take him out.  Big sis Diana likes helping with his bath too.

     My blood sugars have been wonderful.  I also got my blood work back and everything looked good.  My total cholesterol was 217, which sounds high, but total number means nothing.  My triglycerides were 40, my HDL was 89 which is phenomenal, and my LDL was 120.  They would like it under 100 but I would bet money that it is fluffy LDL, the good kind.  Read more about this here:  I would like to have an NMR Lipoprofile test run.  It actually differentiates the LDL particle size and shows how much of the good (fluffy) and bad (hard or dense) LDL you have.  This is not a test that is routinely done, because it is a send-out and it is expensive and dr's can just give you statins, but I say why take a pill if you don't need to?  I asked about this blood test and my dr. told me that she would only run it if there was a problem with my LDL.  Guess we'll see if she considers 120 a problem.  I would really like to know my numbers.

My cgm graph.
     I'm getting really impatient with the weight loss.  I am holding since last week.  I do think I'm seeing more definition in my belly, but I want to wear my sixes again!  I've upped the fat big time.  I'm eating lots of eggs and cheese and of course, my favorite-bacon!  I'm really hoping this does the trick.

4 weeks post partum


Erin said...

Seems like things are going great for you! I wish Norah would let me put her in a sling! I still can't seem to get much accomplished! would eating more fat help you to lose weight? Just curious. I know you need it to make milk, though! You look amazing!!!! Really! Don't get discouraged!!

P Gersch said...

Have you tried Happiest Baby On The Block for the fussiness? You're probably already doing it, but thought I'd mention it if you weren't. It was a total game changer for us. We went from angry, screaming 3 week old to chill, mellow 3 week old almost instantly. It was amazing!

Allison said...

OMG I cannot get over how well this is working! Thank you so much!

Jennifer L. said...

To complicate food matters somewhat, I found that I had a lot of food intolerances that my daughter reacted to when she was a baby. She is intolerant to eggs, gluten and garlic. I sometimes wonder if this had anything to do with the amount of eggs I ate while pregnant and nursing her when she was younger. We eliminated those foods and she went from screaming, writhing, uncomfortable baby to mellow sleeper. We though it was reflux, and gripe water worked for a bit, but until I figured out the foods that I was eating that triggered the outbursts, we were just constantly trying to figure out what was causing all the discomfort. If you're doing paleo, gluten is obviously not an issue, but eggs could be. Likewise, garlic, dairy (some paleo people do dairy, others not?).

Just a thought. We liked Happiest Baby on the Block too. We would tease about what the five Ss (4?) could possibly stand for when we were really tired, "Shake?" no..."Swaddle?" Oh, yeah, swaddle.."Swing?" "Swim?" "Sling?" "Sit?" "Stand?" Night time parenting often made us a bit delirious and we could find humor in the most mundane things. :-)