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Friday, October 28, 2011

2 months old!

     I can't believe it's been two whole months since I had my baby boy!  He has grown so much.  He is officially in size 3-6 months size.  I was trying to stretch out the 0-3's but he looked so uncomfortable I finally broke them out.  Adrian is doing wonderfully.  The colic is just about gone (one bad episode the other night).  He is cooing and gurgling and blowing bubbles.  He loves talking to Grandma Ginny on the phone.  He actually responds to everything she says to him.  He puts weight on his legs and has pulled his chest up a few times.  I'm still keeping my eye out for a Bumbo seat so if anyone knows where I can get one cheap, please let me know.

     I'm doing great as well.  I have lowered my carbs even more and on some days I'm almost at zero.  I finally lost another pound after being stuck for weeks.  I'm at the weight I was at on my wedding day.  Seven more to go!  As we speak, I am packing up to get ready to go to Greenwood to see the family and friends and to celebrate Aidan's 5th birthday!  Can't believe it.  Matt wasn't able to come along, but I'm sure he'll be loving the peace and quiet for the weekend (as well as a break from my cooking haha).

(Here I am rocking my Diabetes Warrior shirt thanks to Steve Cooksey.)

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