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Monday, October 3, 2011

5 weeks old

     Adrian is 5 weeks old!  We are doing great.  He is still fussy but is doing much better.  Thanks to the person who suggested "Happiest Baby on the Block"  I'm not sure what your name is.  It has helped a lot and after struggling for a minute, he loves being swaddled.  Between that and the Gripe Water, we are much improved.

     I am however not getting much sleep.  Adrian has been nursing a lot lately.  I keep falling asleep nursing and he continues eating through the night.  I've been so crazy sleep deprived.  The other day I pulled out a new onesie, pulled the tag off, threw the onesie away and kept the tag!  Coffee is my friend. Adrian has been cluster feeding today as well.  I wonder if he's hitting his 6 week growth spurt a few days early.  His face seems to be filling out so I'm sure he's gaining weight.  His appointment is not until the 27th so we'll have to wait and see how much.

    I've had some wonky numbers this week.  I somehow forgot that my pod had expired and went hours with an inactive pod (no insulin).  When I figured it out I was around 400 and it took hours to come down.  Then a couple nights ago, I spiked to 300 during the night for seemingly no reason.  Things are better now though and hopefully will stay that way.  I got my hgbA1c back and it was 5.8 so just about the same as before.

     I've been trying out different recipes and trying to vary my food while increasing fat.  I made a really yummy Paleo sausage gravy the other day.  Recipe can be found here:  I've been eating lots of heavy whipping cream, butter, sour cream, cheese and bacon.  While dairy is not *true* paleo, I would have a hard time giving it up!  Today I sauteed mushrooms in butter and bacon grease.  So good!  My weight loss seems to have stalled out, but I'm not doing anything drastic while nursing.  I'm thinking the nursing might very well be the problem.  I've heard that some women hang on to the last 5 or 10 lb until they stop breast feeding.  Diana has started gymnastics so I'm hoping to work with her and get back into shape.


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