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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

7 weeks old

     It's been kind of a rough week.  Spent Thursday night in the ER with Matt and Diana.  Both kids were sick all weekend.  Diana is better, but Aidan is still under the weather.  I've been feeling like I'm trying to get sick, but have been taking mega doses of vitamin D3 and am feeling better.  Matt is much better now thank goodness.  Adrian seems to have escaped it, though he has been fussy today and had a temp of 99.3 earlier, but I'm not sure if that's just because he was crying.  I made him really mad today.  He spit up milk and it came out his nose!  I used the nose sucker thingy and nothing came out but a booger!  He was extremely mad and screamed for close to a half hour. Poor baby.

     Adrian has been much more alert lately.  He loves being read to and absolutely adores his brother and sister.  He smiles and coos and looks back and forth from Diana to Aidan.  Diana swears he says "hi".  He loves playing "where's Adrian?" and "how big is Adrian?"  I'm trying to find more things to keep him stimulated.  I want to get one of those little play mat thingies with the toys hanging down, and am looking for a Bumbo seat as I think he will love it.

     I'm continuing to experiment with new recipes and they have turned out pretty good!  Yesterday I made a broccoli salad with broccoli, mayonnaise, slivered almonds, apple cider vinegar, crumbled bacon and a little splenda to sweeten.  It was awesome!  I also tried out a new "gripe water" recipe.  I'm sick of paying $15 for a bottle.  I boiled water and poured over 1tbsp of fennel seed and 1tbsp of anise seed, steeped and strained. I added a little breast milk for good measure, and Adrian chugged down 2 oz and cried for more.  He slept really well afterward so I think it worked.  I drank a cup myself and it was pretty tasty.  I also slept well. :)


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