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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

3 months old!

     Adrian is 3 months old!  We had his (late) 2 month check up yesterday, and he is up to 15lb3oz and 24.75 in.  His head was 17 in. (I think it's' due to his ginormous brain :)  ) He is over his sickness and everything looked good.  He had 3 shots.  I opted out of the rotovirus one since he isn't in daycare and it made Diana vomit when she got it.  Seems pretty pointless.He is doing everything he is supposed to do at this age.  He can hold his head up and do a "mini pushup".  He has started laughing and is getting good with his coordination as well.

     The doc wants us to start cereal between 4-6 months, but I'm considering skipping it all together.  It seems like empty filler calories that are not necessary (plus have you ever read the ingredients on a box of rice cereal? Ick).  The ped thinks it is important because he needs the iron supplementation that is in the cereal because babies at that age have a drop in hemoglobin, but what did people do before baby foods were iron fortified?  I think there has to be something we can use instead.  I would like to start him on pureed vegetables around 6 months.  I also want to make my own baby food and give him the best start possible.

     Thanksgiving went well, and Adrian surprisingly did well on the trip.  I was able to make a few sides to go along with the turkey so I could enjoy the yummy Thanksgiving stuff with everyone else.  I made a cranberry sauce with erythritol  and it came out pretty decent.  Also made stuffing that was delicious.  Found the recipe here;  I think I used too much butter though (or not enough oopsies)  as the stuffing was floating in butter.  It tasted wonderful though.  Just like the real thing.  Did a pumpkin pie with walnut crust.  I also used erythritol to sweeten here but it did not bake well.  It wasn't very sweet at all but definitely edible (great with whipped cream).  The recipe for that is here:

     This was our first time having Thanksgiving in Starkville so we were also able to be there for the Egg Bowl (rivalry game between Mississippi State and Ole Miss).  Matt was generously offered tickets by his Aunt Barb and Uncle Danny, so we decided he should take Diana.  She had a blast.  I'm so glad they got to do that and spend some quality daddy/daughter time together.

  On Sunday we had Adrian's baptism.  We went to Jackson to Saint Richard so Father Mike could baptize him.  Father Mike has baptized all our children so it was pretty cool that he was able to again.  Adrian behaved very well thank goodness.  Due to some camera malfunctions, we didn't get many pics, but here are a few.


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