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Friday, January 27, 2012

5 months old!

Aunt Debbie and Uncle Jerry

Got to meet Steve Cooksey while in SC.  He and Adrian were best buds.
     It has been a looooong while!  Life has been insane since December 17.  We drove to Mississippi and dropped the kids off in Starkville with Grandma and Grandpa while Matt and I flew to El Paso to go house hunting.  We found a house we absolutely loved and our offer was accepted.  We came back to Starkville, drove to SC on the 23rd and spent Christmas with my family.  Matt and I left on the 26th and drove back to Hinesville where we packed up and moved.  Matt drove me back to SC where I stayed until the 4th while Matt and the kids drove to El Paso.  I got to see some friends, had a great 32nd birthday and then flew out on the 4th with Adrian.

     We have been staying in a hotel ever since.  Closing on the house keeps being delayed.  Hopefully we will be in the new house by the 2nd.  Diana has started school and is doing great.  She has been nominated for gifted and talented and will start testing soon.  Aidan hasn't been able to do pre-k because here it's only a half day program and we only have one vehicle.  Matt started his new job on the 9th and it seems to be going well. 

Sitting up watching his big brother.
     Adrian has grown so much!  He is wearing 6-9 month clothing and is as long as his carseat.  He is sitting up and rolling easily.  We recently started solids.  I was planning to wait until 6 months, but he was clearly ready.  He nurses all the time and wakes throughout the night to nurse.  He acts very interested in food and will grab for my food when we are eating. 

Adrian's first reaction.
     I decided to skip cereal as I think it is completely unnecessary and the only nutrition it has is added iron.  I read the label from a box of rice cereal and didn't like the ingredients.  It has soy which I don't like, and other additives and preservatives.  The iron is not well absorbed and tends to just back the baby up.    I got a Magic Bullet for Christmas from Matt and am loving it.  I'm making all of Adrian's baby food. We started with pureed carrots.  He did pretty well with them and I moved on to avocado.  He didn't like it at first but by the end of the feeding he had grabbed the spoon and shoved it into his mouth!  I tried some applesauce, but Adrian just gagged and threw up.  I'm not sure if I made it too thick or what.  Today we did sweet potatoes.  He gagged a little with the first spoonful, but did great after that. 
Ok this isn't so bad.  Gimme!
     El Paso is much bigger than Hinesville, so I've been able to find a lot more variety as far as food goes.  We went to a Fudruckers that offered, ostrich, elk, wild boar and buffalo burgers!  I had the buffalo and it was pretty tasty.  The commissary has bison which was good (I think they are in the same family of animals).  I also found a Walmart Market that has full fat Greek Gods yogurt and it is amazing!  I've been eating it with coconut oil and almonds and it is so good. 

     After a few weeks of daily blood sugar spikes that I attributed to dawn phenomenon, I have discovered that the Splenda I put in my coffee is to blame.  The first ingredient in most sweeteners such as Sweet n Low, Equal and Splenda contain Dextrose to bulk it. Crazy huh?  One would think that the small amount would have no effect, but as much coffee as I drink combined with my sensitivity to carbs caused my blood sugar to spike.  I have since switched to Truvia, which is Stevia (a natural sweetener) and Erythritol a sugar alcohol which occurs in some fruits and fermented foods.  Since the switch, I have had completely normal blood sugars!

     The last few weeks have definitely been hectic, and will probably continue to be so for a while, but  hopefully things will settle down soon.  To tide you over, here are some more pics!


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