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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

8 months old

     Ok I'm super late but here I am!  Adrian is 8 months old and has grown so much.  He is crawling, standing, and into everything!  He's sleeping through the night finally.  He had stopped for a while because of teething we think.  He now has three teeth and more are coming.  He is in 12month clothes and is almost out of them.  

     Baby led weaning has worked great for us.  He's eating total table food (still nursing of course) and his favorite food is full fat yogurt.  I decided to introduce dairy (well he introduced it actually).  I was planning on waiting until he was a year old, but we were out to brunch and were eating at a very small table and couldn't keep everything away from him. During the meal he managed to grab and eat: butter, cottage cheese and omelet with cheese so I said what the heck.  He loves it and has had no adverse reaction. 

     We are totally cloth diapering now.  I had a few and was having to wash constantly and still didn't have enough, so I bit the bullet and bought a bunch on Ebay.  I'm still using the cheapos from China and they are working great.  It's so nice not to have to buy diapers.  

     We have puppies!  A few weeks after getting the dogs I began to suspect Mystique was pregnant and a couple days later my suspicions were confirmed.  Apparently she came to us pregnant.  We have 6 puppies.  We've decided to keep one, some friends are taking one, so we have 4 left to find homes for.  They are adorable but they are huge!  The kids love them, though we had to make a rule of no puppy holding for Aidan after one got dropped and a panicked vet visit ensued.  

     I am now officially 1 lb below pre-pregnancy weight!  It took much longer than I would have liked, but I made it!  I would still like to lose 10-15 more to get back down to my low weight.  I'm in between sizes which is frustrating.  All my clothes are either too big or too small.  

     Not so hot on the diabetes front.  I had gone a couple months with no sensors and had gone off the pump until we could get insurance straightened out with my supplies.  My a1c was 7.4 which is not good at all.  I am struggling to regain control.  My insulin needs change frequently and it's a lot of work trying to stay on top of them.  I found it amusing my doctor just noted "watch diet".  He has no clue lol.  I NEVER eat sugar, don't eat grains, potatoes or basically any processed foods (with a few exceptions).  I have become very carbohydrate resistant which is annoying, but I'm still taking almost half the insulin I did before I went primal.  

     I got my lipid profile back and I'm very happy with the results as was my doctor. 
HDL-91.3 (Awesome!)
LDL-111.8 (Can guarantee it's fluffy LDL)
Cholesterol/HDL Ratio-2.4 (Very low cardiovascular risk)
Non-HDL Cholesterol-125.4


Medical Mojave said...

You look great! How frustrating that the insulin is so waffle-y, hope that sorts out soon. And I know that feeling of being inbetween sizes--totally sucks!

I wish I had your HDL jealous!

Allison said...