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Thursday, May 9, 2013


     The water is finally coming off!  I'm down 4lb from the 6 I was up which puts me at 1.4lb below my LIW (lowest injecting weight) so I feel better.  I was getting worried for a minute.  I know a lot of people gain some of the weight back at this point but I'm still being pretty strict.  I'm giving myself more freedom with dairy on the weekends as well as allowing myself nuts/nut flours on the weekend as well.  I've continued having Bulletproof coffee for breakfast (and lunch sometimes as well) and sticking to a meat and veggie or eggs for dinner.

     At this point my BMI is at 21.9 which is in the "healthy" category but I was curious about my body fat percentage, since I've heard this is a better indicator of health than standard BMI.  I have a body fat scale but it seems to be unreliable so I ordered a pair of calipers from Amazon.  While I was waiting for them to arrive I was looking at calculators online.  Matt suggested I use the Army body fat calculator  It's a nifty little gadget.  You enter your gender, age, height, weight and measurements of your waist, hip and neck and it gives you a body fat estimate.  Mine was 22%.  Yesterday the calipers arrived and I followed the directions exactly.  I also got 22% with them.  This puts me in a fitness range!  I find this quite amusing as I never exercise.  My measurements are the same.

     So at this point, every single health marker I can think of is great.  My cholesterol is wonderful, my bp is good (on the low side as opposed to being on BP meds before going Primal) I still want to get an NMR Particle Profile or VAP test to test my LDL particle size.  That will be the final "neener neener neener" to all the low carb naysayers.  I'm hoping to get it soon.  In the past my doctor has poo-pooed it saying it is unnecessary, it won't change the treatment outcome (they just give you statins) it is expensive and insurance companies won't pay for it.  Well I've been researching it and it looks like most insurance companies DO cover it now and it only costs around $40.  The only things that need improvement now are my immune system, (I'm still catching every bug it seems) and my Vitamin D3 level which has remained on the low side despite 3 years of supplementing which I suppose it understandable since I never go outside.

     I actually found my measurements from 2009 when I started considering making changes.

Weight:  200
Waist-36 (eeeek!)

A year later after losing 55lb my measurements were:


Now almost 3 years later they are:


This means I am smaller than I was before I got pregnant with Adrian.  I have lost a total of 30 inches!  How are people still disbelieving?

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