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Friday, December 31, 2010

5 weeks

Things are going well so far.  Blood sugars are better, but still not where they need to be.  Got a call yesterday that my insurance approved the Dexcom (a continuous glucose monitor that should help a lot) so I should be getting that in a couple days.  Though a little tempting, I got through Christmas without going off the diet plan (no sweets for me!).  I'm a little concerned about the morning sickness (usually starts at 6 or 7 weeks for me). Hopefully I can stay on plan. Got some sugar free queasy drops, hopefully they will help.   Still feeling a lot of symptoms and my clothes are tight, though I think that's just water.  The midwife group was a big fat NO because of the diabetes, but they did refer me to an OB who does vbac's and she is on the Tricare approved list.   The only problem is getting a referral from my primary care doc who wants me to go to high risk OB.  I'm so excited, there are so many things out now that they didn't have with my last two.  I found a fetal doppler on Amazon to listen to the baby's heartbeat for only $25.  Can't wait to hear it.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

4 weeks

Had a positive HPT two nights ago.  I've since gone through about 5 tests lol.  Have to be sure! I called my primary care doc yesterday and was seen immediately.  Had blood drawn, and my HCG is at 156 which is good supposedly.  When I was pregnant with Diana, HCG was 32 at 12DPO so I think I'm either farther along (pretty sure I am) or God forbid it could be twins (doubt that though).  By LMP I should only be 3w5d but I'm pretty sure I'm at least 4 weeks, so I'm going with that until we get a dating scan.  EDD should be around Aug 31, 2011.  I'm already experiencing symptoms, which I didn't this early on with the other two.  Blood sugars are crazy.  Fought 200-300's all day Tue, yesterday ranged from 85-180 which isn't quite as bad but not where I want to be.  Today was 160 fasting and 140 2 hours post, which is definitely unacceptable, so I'm gonna have to tweak my basals.  The doctor is referring me to high risk OB which I do not want.  I'm looking into midwives in Savannah, but I doubt they'll take me as "high risk" as I am.  I'd like this pregnancy to be as low intervention as possible, but I know this is doubtful being type 1 with two previous cesareans.

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