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Monday, August 20, 2012

11 months old

In one week my baby will be a year old! Adrian is all over the place. Not quite walking yet, but he has learned to climb stairs (and scare the crap outta mommy)! We tried baby gates, but couldn't get them to fit right and were afraid the older kids wouldn't be able to get around them. So Matt found this mesh gate that blocks off all but the living room (we have one gate up in front of the stairs in the living room). Baby is into everything. I think he will be like his big sister. He is extremely curious and not scared of anything!

We're still doing well with eating. We introduced milk a couple weeks ago and at first he didn't like it, but later realized that he didn't like it cold! I guess that makes sense s
ince breast milk is body temperature. It's nice to not have to break him of the bottle. He's been using a sippy cup
since around 5 months so he's a pro at it now. He does not however like the cups with the straws. Still no grains, but I am planning a gluten free birthday cake made with rice flour. We'll see how that goes.

I cut my strict paleo a week or so short since we were traveling to
Mississippi for Matt's family reunion. The first day of no dairy was absolutely miserable. I felt like I was back
in the days of low cal, low fat. I was hungry and obsessed with eating. This feeling passed though and I lost around 7lb that I had put back on. I've since lost another lb since going back to normal (low carb paleo but including dairy, eggs, nuts and nightshades).

We had a great time in MS. My kids got to see both sets of grandparents and after my parents went back home we traveled a few minutes down
the road to Louisville, MS to Lake Tiak O'khata where the Herschede
family reunion was held. It

was great catching up with family and the kids had a blast. I had a little trouble with the meals as the food was very southern (think fried chicken and mashed potatoes) and I later discovered that the green beans had sugar in them! Also, whatever was in their Salisbury Steak spiked my blood sugar to 270! I spoke with one of the servers the next day and was told almost all of their veggies were made with sugar! How crazy is that? They did however offer some steamed veggies and grilled chicken the next night so all was good. All in all, it was a great reunion
and everyone enjoyed themselves.
We got to stop at one of my favorite restaurants on the way

home. Mcallister's Deli! They have a beanless chili that has like 1 net gram of carbs and I also had their awesome chopped Italian salad. Heaven!