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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Primal Weight Loss Journey

     I've wanted a separate spot for weight loss for a while now, but I can't figure out how to do it in blogger so I'm just doing a post on it.  In January 2010 I turned 30.  I was 200lb and taking a myriad of medications.  I was miserable and hated the way I looked.  I had even contemplated plastic surgery to lose the belly I thought was just from pregnancy.  Haha.

     I decided on my birthday that I'd had enough.  I was done being fat.  I started out doing a combination of the Curves diet and another gimmicky diet I had bought online.  Soon after a friend pointed me in the direction of Steve Cooksey of .  At first I thought he was crazy, but then I realized he made perfect sense.  I didn't want to do it though!  Give up my sugar and carbs?  I had been restricted my whole life on the diabetic diet and wanted to eat what I wanted!  My hatred of being fat won over.

     Progress was slow to start.  I only lost around 5lb in a month and a half and wanted to throw in the towel, but I kept on, (with many many hours of phone calls with Steve).  I was extremely stubborn and questioned everything.  I needed to know WHY.  Show me proof.  What about this?  Why am I not losing?  Can I eat this?  I researched constantly.  After a while, food started tasting so much better.  I was never deprived or hungry and LOVED my food.  I would wake up thinking, "what do I get to eat today?"  Within 10 months I had dropped 55lb, and was able to stop all medications except my insulin, which I was able to cut in half.

     Then as you all know, I got pregnant!  I was so scared it had all been for nothing.  I continued to eat primal throughout my pregnancy and did not gain as much weight as my other two.  My husband said he literally watched my belly disappear when I was giving birth to Adrian.  I left the hospital in a size M tshirt and a pair of jeans ( a couple sizes bigger).  I didn't not even look pregnant.  Within a couple weeks I was 8lb from pre-pregnancy weight.

     It took about 8 months to lose the remaining pounds, but I finally did!  Now, I'd like to lose 10-15 more to get down to my all time low.
At Aidan's 2nd birthday.  I looked 6 months pregnant.

     Here are some pics of my progress:

Fat Rolls


Hours before Matt deployed.  

Right before Matt deployed-October 2010

March 2010

Size 10
April 2010 Size M swimsuit.

November 2010

November 2010

4 weeks pregnant
9 months pregnant-the day before I had Adrian
4 days post partum-Size S Shirt
2 weeks post-partum

3 weeks post-partum
4 weeks post-partum

Jan 2012- 4 months post-partum

6 months post partum

7 months post partum
8 months post partum


Amy Coose said...

Wow, you look amazing!! You should be so proud!

Allison said...

Thanks Amy!

Anonymous said...

Hi if you don't mind me asking i was just wondering what your weight gain was during your pregnancy and what was bubs weight at birth? I found primal prior to getting pregnant with number 3 and am starting to think the 25-35pounds recommended weight gain for someone who starts at a healthy bmi is unnecessary.

Allison said...

I gained 29 lb and Adrian weighed 8lb12oz.

Healthy Tips said...

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Amber Martin said...

Wow great job! Do you mind sharing a little about what you ate on a typical day, and your exercise during a typical week?