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Sunday, June 10, 2012

9 months old

     We've had a rough last few days.  On Thur, Matt was getting Adrian up and bringing him to me like every morning and noticed he felt hot.  His temp was around 100 so we figured it was from teething.  He has like 4 coming in on top all at once.  I gave him Tylenol and he seemed ok.  That night he was up every hour.  He normally sleeps through the night, so I knew something was not right.  Then he felt super hot, like burning up.  His temp was 102.7.  I gave him Tylenol and Motrin continuously and took him to the doctor.  Of course at the doctor he acted fine and his temp was 98.7.  The doc said it was probably a virus but because his urine seemed to smell strong, we would do a urine culture just in case.  At first they wanted to straight cath him which did not thrill me, but they were out of the supplies so they put a little baggie on him to catch the pee and I would bring in the specimen to the hospital.

     We got that in and a couple hours later his temp was 104.3.  It made me nervous as I'd always heard 105 was when the brain starts frying.  I gave him more Tylenol and Motrin and 20 minutes later he was 105.1.  Called the dr and got the answering service.  The lady was like, "omg over 104 they can go into convulsions" and immediately switched me over to the dr.  While I'm on the phone, Matt takes his temperature and gets 99.  What the heck?  He does it again and gets similar results.  So the dr says give him a bath, something cold to drink and go fill the prescription for antibiotics he had given me just in case the results from the culture come back positive.  He then asks me to take a temp while he is still on the phone.  102.3.  I really don't trust the thermometer now.  It was one of those $10 temporal ones so not sure how accurate it is.

      I went and filled the prescription and got a rectal thermometer.  Got 103.2 so 102.2 after subtracting a degree for a rectal temperature.  He was a little better Friday night.  Was only up 4 or so times.  Extremely fussy but the temperature was coming down.  The dr called me first thing in the morning and said the culture was normal but to continue the meds.  Temp was completely gone by afternoon thank goodness.  He's still fussy but I think we're on the mend.

     At the dr, Adrian weighed 19lb4oz which means he hasn't gained any weight since his 6 month appt (actually think he's lost a couple oz.  He was 29 in so has grown length wise.  The dr didn't believe the numbers at first and Adrian doesn't look thin but he was a little concerned.  He wants me to feed Adrian more solids since he is 9 months old and my milk supply is probably lower.  We'd been doing dinner every night and lunch most of the time but just nursing all the rest of the time, so now we're doing regular meals.  Today he had whole milk yogurt for breakfast and for lunch raspberries, sweet peppers cut up tiny and ham and cream cheese rolls cut up in tiny pieces.  He eats great.  Yesterday he ate a whole plate full of food when we went out to eat.

     I am trying to come up with meal ideas.  Right now I'm feeding him mostly Paleo (he does get dairy) but not low carb Paleo.  So I'm looking for ideas that are grain free and not processed that are easy for quick meals.  We made yogurt bites the other day and he gobbled them up.

     Adrian is scooting along furniture and has learned how to climb stairs!  Too fast for my comfort.  Hoping he doesn't walk for a while but I'm not counting on it.  He is in to everything!  If he's not in his playpen, you have to watch him like a hawk.  He will eat anything he finds.  He is totally mobile and crawls all over the house.  We gotta put up gates asap.
Adrian's first bath in the big tub.  The older kids didn't want him to be scared.  

Summer is here!  The kid's last day of school was Jun 1.  They both got awards.  I'm such a proud mommy.  We're having fun (and I'm losing mind).  We went to the zoo which was really fun.  Hot, but not horrible.  The kids had a great time and got to feed the giraffes.  I was not happy with the food choices.  They would not let us leave to eat lunch and come back, so we had to eat there.  Carbage carbage carbage.  So a salad it was!  Fun trip though.

Feeding the Giraffes.

I'm also trying to come up with fun projects for the kids this summer.  So far we have made bathtub paint and sidewalk paint.  Both were great successes except for one broken glass (glass and soap=bad idea.  The kids had a blast!

Sidewalk Paint!

Bath Paint!


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