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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

10 months old

Almost 11 months! Can't believe my baby will soon be a year old. Adrian has grown so much. At his 10 month appointment he weighed 20lb10oz and was 29 3/4 in long. The doc was impressed with his weight gain since three weeks earlier he had been concerned about lack of gain. We put him on 3 solid meals a day. He's eating all table food of course and boy does that child love to eat!

He's nursing much less now, probably 2-3 times a day which is ok. I don't want to stop completely yet, but he seems to be self weaning so that works for me.
Adrian is now standing alone and walking with his walking toy. I don't think it will be long before he is actually walking. Matt has to go on a business trip soon and is afraid Adrian will walk while he is gone. Hoping he decides to wait. The Herschede family reunion is in a few weeks so that would be a good time to start!

We had a great 4th of July. The family went to
Fort Bliss and it was really nice and breezy. The kids played on the playground and there
were little game booths. Looked like rain for a while but it held off long enough for the fireworks. I thought Adrian might be afraid of them but nope, he kept smiling really big and saying "ooh".

I've been debating
Adrian's diet for a while and think I've figured out how we're gonna do it. As of now he basically eats paleo/primal but not low carb. He eats meat, eggs, veggies (starchy
or non) cheese and fruit. His favorite is bananas! He would eat them all day if I let him. So I've decided to start grains when he turns 1 but to keep him gluten free. I would like that to be the ultimate goal for the family but don't know that it will ever happen. So I figure I'll start with rice since that seems to be the most benign. I'm planning a gluten free birthday cake made with rice flour. Wheat is the worst of the grains so we're gonna steer clear there.

Last week Grandma Ginny came to visit! Everyone had a great time visiting. The kids got to do lots of stuff with her. They went shopping, went out for ice cream, went on a walk, built a birdhouse, played with chalk, wentswimming (that was impressive that theyconvinced her) and even got her to play their video game (even more impressive!). On Friday Diana, Grandma Ginny and I had three generation pictures taken. I think we got some really cute ones. We even had a girl's night complete with mud masks!

My weight has been slowly climbing up, so I decided to go 30 days of strict Paleo. In addition to no grains, sugar, starchy veggies, and avoiding processed food I have completely cut out dairy, nightshades (like tomatoes and peppers) nuts and I'm still undecided about eggs. I haven't specifically eaten any eggs but I have unwittingly eaten foods with egg ingredients. I've become more aware of the

dangers of soy and have discovered it is in everything! Even my smoked almonds! So I was on a quest to find a soy free mayonnaise. I was unable to do so but found something similar called aioli. It has garlic and Dijon mustard but is otherwise mayonnaise but without the soy. So I ate some of that with tuna not thinking about the egg content. So we'll see. The first day was really tough but it's getting easier.