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Friday, February 25, 2011

13 weeks

     Officially in the second trimester!  There's a debate whether it starts at 12 weeks or 13 weeks, but either way, I'm there.  Baby is as big as a peach, bones are forming, intestines are moving into the abdomen from the umbilical cord, and baby's pancreas is starting to produce insulin.

     I am now wearing all maternity clothes, even my "fat" jeans don't fit.  Ah well, at least I'm not so uncomfortable.  I am consistently hearing the heartbeat with the doppler, which is a very reassuring sound.  Daddy got to hear it last week, as well as the kids and my mom.  Heartbeat has consistently been in the 160's to 170's which according to Old Wive's Tale, indicates a girl.  Hmmm. Guess we'll see.

     So we bought a crib set!  Matt had seen a crib, changing table, and dresser set at the Furniture Store for $250 which I thought was a great deal.  I couldn't find anything else similar for even close to that, so we decided to go check it out even though I am so early.  Well when we got there, the lady said they only had two left and though not advertised, were ringing up for $187!  We could not pass that up, so early as it is, we went ahead and bought it!  The color is espresso and I absolutely love it!  I also found a Korbie 3in1 diaper bag that normally retails for $179 for $29.99 on It includes a portable bassinet and removable "changing table". Thought that was pretty cool.  I do love a deal!

     Blood sugars are much improved.  Still running a little above goal after breakfast.  They want me under 120 two hours post meal and I'm running in the 120's-150's.  Others are good except I'm still having a few nightime lows, but they are not as severe as before.  I had the dreaded CDE appointment on Wed.  I went in there knowing exactly what they were going to say.  30-45g of carbs for breakfast and lunch, 45-60 for dinner and 3 snacks of 15-30g each. Umm, YEAH RIGHT.  There is no way!  She kept stressing how I NEED carbs right now, my baby NEEDS CARBS.  Last time I checked, baby needs GLUCOSE which he will get either way.  Carbs or no, my body will produce glucose, and I get all the nutrients I need from meat and vegetables.  I have also increased my carb intake to 100g a day to stay out of ketosis and to keep from losing weight.  I think that should be plenty.  I decided if I go with their minimum requirements and only eat a bedtime snack (carb snack that is, I do snack lol) that will put me right over 100 so maybe I can do what I want and still be "compliant".  She asked if I was testing for ketones with all the lows.  I said "I thought you were supposed to check ketones when HIGH" she says "no I'm pretty sure it's when you're low" she gets a book and looks it up and is like "oh yeah I guess you're  right".  She then proceeded to say that we need to make sure that I am not burning fat for fuel because ketosis is not a healthy state for anyone, pregnant or not. UGGGH.  Do some research lady! She also bemoaned the dangers of saturated fat.  Sigh.  An hour of my life wasted.  Ok, stepping off my soap box.

Monday, February 21, 2011

12 weeks

Sucking thumb!

     I'm late this week, got really busy and the time slipped away!  I'm so close to 13 weeks, I'm gonna skip the 12 week pic.  Baby can now open and close it's hands (which I got to see today!), it's eyes can clench, and it can make sucking movements.  Baby is now over 2 inches long crown to rump, over three inches total (actually measured 7cm today!).
     I had my endo appt in Savannah today.  The dr. was kind enough to accept me even though he doesn't take Tricare normally, so that will be much easier than driving to Augusta all the time.  He also thinks I'm not eating enough carbs.  Grrr.  He thinks my hypos can be resolved through diet.  I asked him if I had to eat carbs to keep from going low, doesn't that mean I'm taking too much insulin?  He hemmed and hawed and admitted while yes that was true, that he didn't like me fasting for so long and I need to make a point to eat breakfast.  I think it's silly to eat if I'm not hungry.  Baby is going to get what it needs either way.  He BEGGED me to at LEAST eat a bedtime snack of 15g and he would prefer 3.  He says that he doesn't approve of eating high carb and if I'm not pregnant, he doesn't care, I can eat LC if I want, but while pregnant I NEED more carbs.  So I get to see the CDE/nutritionist on Wed.  Fun times.  I know exactly what she'll say.  45g per meal, 15-30g snacks blah blah.  I've upped my carb intake to 100g to stay out of ketosis (and because of all the lows) and I think that should be plenty.
8 days ahead!
     I also had my peri appt today!  They did the nuchal translucency screening which assesses risk for Down Syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalties.  They measure the space in the back of the baby's neck and draw blood from me.  The combination of the two show an estimated risk factor.  The measurements were normal but we won't have results until the bloodwork comes back.  Baby measured 8 days ahead this time!  By LMP I should be 12w2d but I measured 13w3d.  I love getting to see baby.  It kept putting it's feet against the wall and pushing off over and over.  Was so cute.  I also got to see it suck it's thumb!  Heartbeat was 170 bpm.  There were a couple concerns that the tech mentioned.  She said the baby's bladder appeared larger than normal and that they would keep an eye on it.  She also said that there was increased vascularity around my c-section scar which could indicate a weakening in the wall.  She said she couldn't get a very clear picture because my bladder wasn't full enough so she wasn't sure.  She said they will check it again at my anatomy scan.  Said not to worry but of course I am.  They went ahead and scheduled the level 2 scan for Apr 4.  Hopefully we can find out the gender then.  I cannot wait!

Friday, February 11, 2011

11 Weeks

It's been a pretty good week!  We had our first peri appt on Tue and Matt got to come with me.  We got to see the heartbeat at 162 bpm and a very active baby! The tech could not get over how active baby was for being so small. We could see baby kicking and waving.  Was so cool.  I measured right at 11 weeks which put me 4 days ahead like I originally thought, but they aren't changing my due date, which is fine with me, gives bubs more time to cook.  I saw the nurse practitioner/midwife and she says they are one of the very few who do vbacs even after 2 cesareans even since ACOG lightened their regulations.  The only stipulation is that I have to go into labor on my own.  She also agreed that inducing early was not necessary and was outdated.  I'll have my nuchal translucency screening on the 21st (which means I'll get to peek at baby again!)  and have a baseline EKG and echo on the 2nd, as well as an appt with the actual peri.  All my bloodwork came back good.  I was immune to rubella and not a cystic fibrosis carrier.  Very good appt!
 I bought some maternity clothes on Sun and am going nuts trying to hold off on wearing them.  My pants are so uncomfortable, I've been wearing pajama pants all day!     I was feeling bad already having a bump thinking I'm just gaining too much weight because the uterus isn't supposed to pop above the pubic bone until 12 weeks.  Well the tech had the ultrasound wand pretty high up on my tummy and I asked did it go up that high.  She says "your uterus goes all the way up to here" just a couple inches below my bellow button.  So that made me feel better.  That's around where it would typically be for 16 weeks if I'm remembering right.  They say you show earlier with each pregnancy and I guess my body just remembered.

Blood sugars are a little better.  I reduced my basals what with running low constantly and started running high all day so increased  by .5 and have been doing better.  Still more lows than I would like, but can't adjust by more than .5 so I guess I'd rather be lower than higher.  Just got a phone call from the peri and they somehow got Tricare to approve an Endocrinologist in Savannah!  I have been trying to accomplish this for 5 years and was never able to.  That will be MUCH easier than driving to Augusta.  Good week!

Friday, February 4, 2011

10 weeks

Wow, can definitely see a difference this week bump wise!  I officially cannot button my pants and am in the belly bands.  No bare belly pics for a while.  :)  We'll see how long they last before I have to wear maternity. Hopefully I can last a few more weeks.

 Baby is officially a fetus and out of the embryo stage.  The placenta takes over this week as well.  The nausea is supposed to be better after this takes place and that seems to be the case. It's only occasional now.  Hopefully I'll get some energy back as well.(I know Matt will be happy about that). Baby's tail has disappeared and it has discernible fingers and toes! I've been attempting to hear the heartbeat with my Angelsounds doppler, but no luck yet.  I MIGHT have heard something last night, but only for a second.  They say around 10 weeks, so hopefully I'll hear something soon.

I've reduced my basals yet again.  Had a scare last night.  Woke up shaky, tested and was at 35.  Definitely too low for comfort. Woke up this morning at 63, and apparently over treated as my next reading was 270!  Hopefully these changes will prevent the night time lows and keep me level.  I called in to the nurse and downloaded my pump as requested on Monday, and have not gotten any response.  I obviously can't trust these people and am going to have to manage this on my own.  They actually suggested that my perinatologist take over my diabetes care so that might be an option, though I'm not sure how much I would trust someone who is not an expert in diabetes.  The appt is on Tuesday, so we'll see how that goes.  I can't wait to see the baby again!