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Friday, March 25, 2011

17 weeks

This week baby is adding fat stores and it's weight will increase approximately 6 times in the next 4 weeks! He or she is honing their sucking and swallowing reflexes. Baby is around 6.5 inches long and about 5oz. It also now has distinct facial features.

It's been a pretty slow week. Aidan has been staying with my mom this week so things have been quiet. I had my eye exam yesterday which is always a little scary, but as usual,the doc said my eyes look great and there are no signs of diabetic retinopathy. I haven't felt as much movement so was getting a little worried and pulled out the doppler. I immediately got a strong heartbeat and the pressure apparently made the baby really mad and I felt movement then! Had my round two of blood work for the sequential screen. They combine the results with the nuchal translucency testing to get a figure for risk of Down's and Trisomy. My risk was 1:1700 which was great because the number is a bit lower for my age alone, so that was reassuring. We are getting closer to April 4! I can't wait. It turns out that they will only allow one person back with me during the ultrasound, so mom is gonna go ahead and take Diana back to SC on the weekend so she gets her full week at grandmas. It's cool though, because Matt didn't get to see Aidan's ultrasound because he was in AIT so this one will be special. The kids are excited as well. Diana is sure it's a boy and Aidan says girl. They are both convinced they are right and have gotten in a few fights over it!

Blood sugars are good. Have had to lower night time basals yet again. Have maintained during the night, but am still dropping around 5 am so I've lowered those basals. I cannot get over how little insulin I am taking. I read somewhere that some diabetic women actually make insulin during pregnancy, so I would love to know if this is true for me. Guess we'll never know. Had a scary low the other day. Was 36 and felt nothing. The cgm was beeping and I felt fine, so ignored it, but finally did a finger-stick when it said "LOW" and it was indeed below 40. I tend to get hypo unawareness during pregnancy and that's always scary, so I really need to get a handle on the lows.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

16 weeks

     I'm making up for being early last week, by being late this week!  We are at sixteen weeks.  Baby is three to five ounces and 4-5 inches long.  The bones are in place in the ears and this means that baby can probably hear now!  I'm thinking that baby has been able to hear for a little while now with the way I feel movement after loud noises or music.  Muscles are growing stronger, and baby can straighten out more now.  Light can even be perceived though the eyelids are still fused together at this point.

     I've been feeling movement just about every day now, especially at night and have even felt a couple kicks!  I was listening to the heartbeat with the doppler and baby kicked the doppler and got away.  I've been feeling pretty good other than being constantly tired, which I am anyway, pregnant or not ( I have a sleep disorder called idiopathic hypersomnia which is similar to narcolepsy).  I've been feeling some Braxton Hicks contractions occasionally which is definitely early. They are not typically felt until after 20 weeks.  Getting so excited.  I can't wait for the big ultrasound on April 4.  Matt is taking off of work and my mom is coming up to be there and then is taking Diana for a week. I can't wait to go shopping! I've been feeling boy for a while, but the other night I had a vivid dream that I had a baby girl and now I'm not so sure.

     Matt has decided to give Primal a trial run so for dinner the other night I made his favorite food, lasagna, with a twist of course! Zucchini lasagna!  Not exactly the same but not too bad if I say so myself.  Diana scarfed it down as did I.  Aidan was not so sure lol.  I made it just like regular lasagna accept I used zucchini slices for the noodles

     I had a good endo visit on Monday.  He said that my numbers look good and that I am on top of things.  I've been struggling with night time lows and after lowering my nightime basals to .65 (lowest ever) I am finally avoiding the lows and maintaining around 65 throughout the night which I am happy with.  My latest issue has been lows during the day.  For two days in a row I ran low for a few hours and had to eat a large number of carbs to keep my bg up.  I lowered my noon to 6pm basal today and so far so good! The constant lows were a bit disconcerting.  I drove Aidan to SC to stay with my parents for the week and went through my stockpile of juiceboxes and snacks during the trip there.  Hopefully these changes will work for a while.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

15 weeks

     I'm a day early, but had a great appointment yesterday so wanted to share!  We are at 15 weeks.  Baby is around 4 inches long and 2.5 oz, bones are hardening, fingernails and toenails are developing as well as eyebrows! Baby now has taste buds, and can develop the hiccups from time to time.

     So for the past few weeks I have been extremely worried, after hearing that the baby's bladder appeared enlarged.  I found all kinds of scary things online, and was terrified that the baby wasn't going to make it.  Last weeks appointment was not reassuring.  So I had my appointment with the actual perinatologist, Dr. Royek,  yesterday.  I like him a lot.  I told him about my fears and pretty much BEGGED him to recheck the bladder.  He reluctantly agreed to do a "10 second check".  About two seconds in he says, "so do you want to find out what you're having?" I told him that I did, but wanted to wait until Matt was with me.  He checked the baby, and the bladder size was normal!  He said it was not enlarged at all.  I am so relieved.  I feel like I can enjoy this pregnancy now.  After rechecking he asks again, "you sure you don't want to know?" I told him no and he says "cause "I" know the sex yes I do".  Coulda smacked him lol.  From the speed of which he knew, I'm guessing it's a boy but guess we'll have to wait until April 4 to find out!

    The rest of the appointment went well also.  The Dr. said that he will allow me to vbac if that's what I really want, but he wants me to think seriously about the pros and cons before I make a decision.  The risk of uterine rupture is around 3% and while this is a low number, for those 3% it is devastating.  He said he has had HUNDREDS of successful vbacs including one recently after THREE cesareans (she came in at 9cm so he let her do it) and he has had 3 that did not go well.  One infant did not make it, one is mentally handicapped and with the other, the baby is fine, but mom had to have a hysterectomy.  Those are scary things to think about and I will have to think long and hard about it.  He also said that he will not take the baby early unless absolutely necessary, and that he will let me go to 40 or 41 weeks!  Let's hope we can go before that.  We need this baby out before Sep 1 so we don't have school issues like with Diana.

 Dr. Royek was very happy with my blood sugars.  He said he was extremely impressed with my control and that I was his poster patient.  My last HgbA1c came back at 5.7 and he said that his is probably higher! I think the next one will be even lower.  Below 5 is my goal, but we'll see. 5.2 is the lowest I've ever had.  He was basically of the opinion that I'm doing a good job, and can manage my blood sugars on my own.  He ok'd my lowering my carb ratio in the morning and it seems to be working.  Hopefully I can maintain this for a while before the insulin resistance kicks in (usually about 25 weeks for me).  So happy!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

14 weeks

Late this week again.  I've been sick for the last few days with a sore throat.  I was afraid I was gonna have to go to the Dr., but I think I'm finally getting better.

    We are more than 1/3 of the way done!  Baby is 3.5 inches long and weighs about an ounce and a half. The organs and skeleton are done developing, baby is just growing now.  The brain is rapidly growing and fat is building up. He or she can now squint, frown and grimace. The liver is now producing bile, and the spleen is assisting in the production of red blood cells.  Baby now has fingerprints!  I've been feeling flutters for a couple weeks now, I love that feeling.  Can't wait for the kicks!  I was lying on my tummy the other day and baby was not happy!  Also did not like the cat lying on my tummy. :)

     I had my echo cardiogram and EKG on Wed.  Both went fine and I got a pretty cool anatomy lesson of the heart.  Also had a peri visit.  I voiced my concerns about the bladder and was told (not so reassuringly) that if that is the case (blockage, kidney problem, baby can't pass urine) that they wouldn't do anything about it at this point anyway, that my ultrasound has been scheduled for Apr 4 and they will recheck then.  If it is still enlarged there are options such as draining or a shunt, but either way it's too early now.  Did not make me feel better!  Heart tones were good, in the 130's.  I measured small, 12 weeks but I had a student measuring me and I don't think he went low enough lol.  He kept blushing and acted really nervous.  I had measured myself at 14 the day before and since baby has been measuring larger than dates, I think mine was right.  They were upset I didn't have blood sugar records and gave me a sheet to fill out and were talking about changing doses.  Seriously?  After all the trouble of referring me to an endocrinologist, they want to manage my blood sugars? This should be fun.  I have another appt  next week with the actual doc and they said I could voice my concerns then, but he'll probably tell me the same thing regarding re-checking the bladder.

     Numbers have been great except the last two days when I was sick and even then not too bad.  Meeting almost all goals except after breakfast still.  Considering changing my breakfast carb ratio myself.  My next endo appt is not for a couple more weeks.

     So I attempted a new recipe this morning.  Primal Pancakes!  They weren't exactly normal tasting pancakes, but they cooked up pretty fluffy, and with lots of sugar free syrup, they were pretty decent!  I suppose after a year of no pancakes anything would taste good lol. Here is the recipe if anyone is interested thanks to Steve Cooksey who found it for me.  I cooked them just like regular pancakes.

  • 4 eggs, room temperature
  • 1 cup milk (almond or coconut both work)
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1 tablespoon honey or a pinch of stevia
  • 1/2 cup coconut flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • coconut oil or butter for frying