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Friday, April 29, 2011

22 weeks

     Twenty two weeks!  Baby is around a foot long and about a pound!  He now has eyebrows and eyelashes and maybe hair on his head.  He can hear my voice, my heartbeat and my stomach gurgling :) .  His taste buds are forming as well!

     I'm feeling pretty good.  I've been fighting swelling in my ankles, which in the past has started around 20 weeks for me.  They were a little swollen one day and since then I've been making sure to take my magnesium and Vitamin D3 regularly, as well as increasing fluids and not eating whole jars of olives ;)  .  My main plan is to stay inside in the air conditioning during this nasty hot weather.  I think the magnesium is really helping with bp as well.  In the past I've had borderline high bp, but so far it's stayed around 100/60.  I found a study online showing that pregnant women who take 4000 IU of Vitamin D3 are less likely to have pregnancy complications like preeclampsia.  I'm feeling really strong kicks regularly now, and can feel them from the outside as well.  So far I'm the only one who can feel them though.  Matt and Diana have both tried to feel but he gets shy as soon as a hand is on my belly.
      I think I've found the perfect crib bedding set!  I really like the safari animal theme and I like the colors as well.  It's a 13 piece set for only $49.99!  I think I'm gonna go ahead and get this, but wait until after my shower to buy the other stuff.  We've scheduled the shower for Jun 25, and Keeper is being kind enough to host it! It will be in Greenwood at my parent's house.  If anyone would like an invite, message me your email.

     Everything is going pretty well on the diabetes front.  I was having some trouble with lows again, so I again lowered my basal rates.  The last two nights I've been running  a little high during the night so I'm adjusting that.  It never ends!  After many many phone calls between Tricare, my Endocrinologist, and my Family Dr. I've finally got my sensors!  Tricare refused to pay for them unless they were ordered by my Primary Care Manager, when in the past my endo had ordered them.  Well the problem was, one, my primary care manager isn't even there anymore, and two, they had never heard of a CGMS and had no idea what to order.  It was like pulling teeth!  The issue is finally resolved thank God, and I got my shipment yesterday.

Friday, April 22, 2011

21 weeks

     At 21 weeks baby is now weighing in at 12 to 13 oz and is around 10.5 inches long crown to heel.  All of his facial features have formed, and hair is growing on his head.  Fetal bone marrow is now making blood cells, a task done previously by the spleen and liver.  Baby has been swallowing amniotic fluid for a while now, but his intestines are now able to absorb some sugars.

     We've had a rough week so far.  On Tuesday morning I woke up to a blood sugar of 200 (had gone to bed normal).  I did a correction bolus and went back to sleep.  When I woke up again, I was over 300.  My pod looked like it was partially pulled out so I changed the pod but within minutes the pump was beeping that there was an occlusion.  I changed out again and did another correction bolus.  I continued bolusing throughout the day, but could not get my blood sugar below 300.  I tested my urine for ketones and the strip immediately turned purple-large ketones.  After numerous calls back and forth between my endocrinologist and my perinatologist, it was decided I should go to the hospital in Savannah and would be directly admitted to the High Risk Perinatal unit.
     I got checked in and after some unpleasantries (I was not dilated and we got a nice sterile urine specimen) i.v. was inserted after 3 tries,  and they hooked me up to the contraction monitor.  The nurses told me to deactivate my pump as I would be hooked up to an insulin drip.  I did so begrudgingly as I had no extra pods with me and once it was deactivated, I could not reactivate it.  After a while my endo comes in and says "I want to keep you on the pump".  Nice.  Too late.  So they hook up the insulin drip and put me on this insane regimen of adjustments every hour according to my blood sugar (yes they stuck me every hour).  If I were to drop to 80 (80 is low?) I was to receive an amp of D50 (an insane amount of dextrose).
     Then comes dinner time.  Dietary calls to take my dinner order but since there is no menu in my room I must get the regular dinner which consists of Salisbury steak, russet potatoes, corn bread and pound cake!  I protested that I am a diabetic but the lady stated that these foods were allowed for diabetics and didn't give me an option to change.  The nurse came in later and asked about my dinner.  She brought me a menu and told me to call and change my order.  I am told that it is too late and I cannot change my order.  I again bring up the fact that my blood sugar is over 300 and I don't need to be eating all those carbs.  The lady starts getting nasty and yells "they are allowed foods, there are no sugars in them!".  No sugar in cornbread or pound cake? Ok.  At this point the nurse takes the phone and states that I will not be eating that food and to please change my order.  So I finally got a nice dinner of beef stir fry with broccoli and my blood sugars slowly came down.  I continued to be poked every hour and the insulin drip had this lovely habit of beeping every 15 minutes or so (always right after the nurse left the room) so I got absolutely no sleep whatsoever. This was also the nurses' first experience with an insulin drip and her first type 1 as well!
     Now it's time for breakfast. At this point after going all night with no ketones, I now have small ketones which I am positive were just normal fasting ketones because my blood sugars were normal, but my dr wanted me to eat some carbs and correct to get rid of the ketones.  I deliberate over the menu.  Fruit will spike me cereal will spike me.  Ok I'll get the biscuit with sausage gravy, not horrendously high in carbs and some fat to balance it out.  "I would like to order the biscuit with sausage gravy" "You aren't allowed to have that. You are on a 2200 ADA diet".  So what was I allowed to eat?  Bacon (pretty sure it was imitation) scrambled eggs, a biscuit, grits, milk, orange juice, orange slices and coffee.  I added up the carbs and the meal by itself was around 90g of carbs.  But I wasn't allowed the gravy biscuit.  Why, you might ask?  Drum roll please.....Because of the fat!  OMG what is wrong with these people?
     At around 9am Matt brought me some new pods and I was allowed to put the pump back on, but get this:  they kept the insulin drip running at the same time!  Yes, double basal rates going.  Does this make sense to you?  The rationale I take it was that if my pump were to fail there was a backup going, but what the heck?  Double insulin?  This is not a problem?  As I watched my blood sugar start to plummet, I insisted that the drip be turned off.  After this it was just a waiting game.  I did get to hang out with my old friend Angela, I mean Dr. Faulkner (we used to be phlebotomists together and she is now an OBGYN) so that was pretty cool catching up and chatting. Finally after 32 hours of no sleep (the baby was also awake most of that time as well!) they discharged me.  I was a zombie at this point, but somehow was able to drive home.  I went straight to bed and slept until late the next morning.  Matt was kind enough to arrange daycare for Aidan and got Diana ready for school so I could rest.

     Since then, my blood sugars have been much better.  They think the site just got pulled out and I went so long with no (or diminished) insulin that I built up ketones and that made it almost impossible to bring down.  I'm feeling much better and hope not to see that hospital for 4 more months!

Friday, April 15, 2011

20 weeks

     We are halfway there!  Wow, it already feels like I've been pregnant forever.  Baby is around 10.5 oz and 10 in long from head to heel!  He now has established sleep patterns similar to a newborn's and  his testes are descending into the scrotum.  From here on out, he will mainly be gaining weight.

     I've been experiencing a lot of hip pain in the last week.  Apparently this is normal and is caused by a hormone that causes the ligaments to relax and the hips to widen in preparation for birth.  Like I need any wider hips!  I've also been having sciatica during the night which is not fun at all.  Hint hint, need pregnancy pillow! :)  My belly has really popped, and I'm feeling strong kicks and thuds now.  I swear this kid is so active.  The other night I was feeling thumps up high and down low only seconds apart so either he flipped, or was kicking and punching.  I can't wait for Matt and the kids to be able to feel them.  This usually happens around 22 weeks for me.

     I've been doing extensive research into VBAC's and have found a lot of good info.  Out of the majority of studies I read (including one with 17,000 trials of labor) the risks of rupture for a vbac after 2 cesareans is around .9.  I also found a study showing that if double layer sutures were used instead of single layer, the risk is around .45.  I looked at my operative report, they did double layer and it appears after that they added a third layer, so I should be good there.  According to one site, I am more likely to die in a car accident or be murdered than to have a uterine rupture.  Some other things I had not considered before;  with a third cesarean, my risk of hysterectomy is around 10-15%, risk of hemorrhage is in the 20% range, a 10-12% chance that I will need a blood transfusion, and there is also a 20-30% chance that the baby will have respiratory distress, because he hasn't gone through the labor and delivery process that squeezes fluids out of his lungs.  With the right provider I have a 75% chance of successful vaginal delivery whereas a first time mom only has a 60-65% chance in the first place!  I am learning a lot.

      I had my endo appointment on Wed, and it went fine. I'm pretty much doing everything on my own and he just  writes down what changes I have made lol.  My a1c is down to 5.4.  Getting closer to my goal of sub 5!  My blood sugars have been slightly erratic.  Good most of the time, but have been running high after dinner so I lowered my carb ratio again.  It's a constant challenge, but I'm staying on top of things so far.

Friday, April 8, 2011

19 weeks

     19 weeks, almost halfway!  Most babies at this stage are around 6in long and 8.5 oz.  At our scan Mon, he weighed 10oz but we couldn't get a length because he moved around so much and stayed curled up most of the time. The kidneys are now functioning, hair is growing on the head, and the teeth and gums are developing nicely.  The part of the brain that controls the senses is starting to emerge.  

     I'm feeling pretty good.  This period is considered the "honeymoon" period of pregnancy.  I'm not too big yet, and not yet experiencing all the discomforts that come with the third trimester.  I am already getting uncomfortable at night however and really want one of those pregnancy body pillows.  They are a little pricey so don't know if we can't spring for one any time soon.  Don't they look comfy?

     I think the insulin resistance is finally starting to kick in.  I had a few good days and then the night time numbers started to creep up into the 150's-180 so I bumped up the basals.  Also bumped up afternoon basals as well and lowered my evening insulin to carb ratio.  I'm actually kind of relieved this has started since I know it is normal.  Things seem to be back on track today so keeping my fingers crossed for a few more normal days.  

Monday, April 4, 2011

It's a.......


Everything looked great on the scan.  They checked everything.  We were able to see the chambers of the heart, the brain, kidneys, even the lenses of the eyes!!!  I'm still measuring a week ahead, which we expected.  I had her re-check around my c-section scar and she said everything looked good, no increased vascularity, so good news for my chances of vbac. Baby was very active.  The tech kept commenting on how "busy" he was.  He was turning somersaults and kept changing positions and kicking, one time I as well as the tech felt it!  We got one 3d shot, but he wasn't in a good position for it, and she said as early as it is he still looks "skeletor".  Afterward Matt and I went to  Target and looked at baby stuff.  I couldn't resist getting an adorable little romper!  Such a great day!!!

(Doing Somersaults)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

18 weeks

It's been a rough week! Lots of lows. On Thursday Aidan woke me up saying he had thrown up in his bed. This continued all morning. I also felt nauseated, but took some Zofran and felt a little better. When I got up, my blood sugar was low. I treated and a couple hours later was down to 45. Kept treating, but stayed in the 40's most of the day. Then I dropped to 29. I was only able to bring it up to 45 and started panicking. Called Matt and he said he would get home as quick as he could, but he was a ways out. When he finally got home I had started vomiting and couldn't keep anything down, and was still in the 40's so we headed to the ER. By the time we got there I had risen to 85 but was still throwing up non-stop. They got me back pretty quick and I again dropped down in the 40's. They started a line and gave me some glucose and some Zofran for the nausea. At one point they had my blood sugar up to 189 so discontinued the glucose, but I dropped back in the 50's within the hour. They had given me Lortab for a horrible headache and this threw my CGM off (something to do with glucose oxidase or something or other, it makes the readings inaccurate) and they nurse and dr acted like my cgm was utterly useless and told me to throw it out. I was too out of it to realize it was the Tylenol throwing it off or I would have told them. I did get an ultrasound and everything looked good with baby. He asked if I wanted to know the sex but again Matt wasn't there, he'd taken the kids out for food, so I said no. Thereafter he referred to baby as "he" until I just stared at him and he said, "oh I mean he or she" and grinned sheepishly. They gave me juice and milk and finally I rose to 74 and they let me go. On the way home, Aidan started projectile vomiting in the back seat. Fun times! I thought my pump might have malfunctioned somehow so changed the pod out when I got home and lowered my basals. Yesterday ran low for hours again, so I guess not. I just requiring a lot less insulin than normal which is really weird for me.

So people need to start voting on the sex! Big ultrasound is on Monday and I cannot wait! I'm still leaning towards boy, but I'm not positive. Mom is sure it's a boy, and the kids each think it's the opposite (Diana says boy, Aidan says girl).

We'll find out soon! I will post a special blog Monday with the gender.