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Sunday, May 29, 2011

26 weeks

     At 26 weeks, baby is approximately 2lb and  around  14 inches long.  His eyes, which were previously fused, are now starting to open.  He is practice breathing and fat is accumulating under his skin!

     We've had a busy week!  Monday we had the pedi cardiologist appt for the fetal echo.  It was kind of confusing.  The tech doing the echo said they look for thickening in the walls with diabetic mothers but she didn't see any of that.  Then the dr came in and said everything looked fine.  He then went on to say that there was some "mild" thickening and he wanted to re-check in 4 weeks.  He finished up by saying everything looked fine.  Annoying.  On Thursday we went to Hilton Head for a luncheon for the winners of the "Trip of a Lifetime" contest, in which we came in 2nd.  The prize was a all expenses paid trip to the British Virgin Islands, use of a 46 foot Catamaran along with a captain for it, food and spending money.  Since we came in 2nd, we thought we were just going for a free lunch.  Imagine our surprise when they announced they were awarding a second prize!  I'm hoping we can wait until after the baby comes to take the vacation.  :)
      So we decided to stay in Hilton Head for the night and take the kids to the beach.  That night, on the way home from an awesome dinner at Michael Anthony's I got an occlusion alarm on my Omnipod.  I changed it out when we got back to the hotel room but the next one immediately began alarming "pod error, insulin delivery stopped".  We had planned on only being there for the day, but I still packed 2 extra pods "just in case".  I called Omnipod and they agreed to replace the pods.  After this I went to start the last pod.  It never started up.  It did not connect with the PDM, basically a bad pod.  So I have no more pods left and my blood sugar is 250.  I'm starting to panic. I have a bottle of Lantus but have no clue how much to take. I called my endocrinologist's office and the answering service put in a page to him. He calls me back and is really rude.  He wants to know when I last saw him.  I had seen him about 4 weeks before but was flustered and couldn't quite remember when and I had to cancel my last appointment.  He says if I can't come to see him regularly then he can't help me.  I am in tears at this point.  I only missed one appt!  He finally tells me to take my total daily basal and use that as my Lantus dose.  I did this but it didn't seem like enough.  The next day I'm holding around 350 and it took hours to bring it back down.  

     My peri appointment is on Tuesday and I am going to discuss the endo situation with Dr. Royek.  I am very unhappy and did not like the way my diabetes was managed in the hospital a few weeks ago.  I really don't like the idea of this guy managing me when I have the baby.  The only thing he does for me is write prescriptions, I manage my diabetes on my own.  Not sure what I'm gonna do.  

     I did find some cool stuff at a consignment shop in Hilton Head.  I found a boppy pillow for $12 and a sleep sack for $6.  They had some really nice stuff but even being at consignment prices, were out of our price range.  One stroller was $300!  I am keeping my eye out for a bassinet and a rocking chair/glider.  They can be expensive and I don't mind getting those used.  I also got a cute pair of maternity capris.  Nice finds!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

25 weeks

     Or 175 days!!!  Man, it feels like forever.   Baby is around 13 and a half inches long and around a lb and a half (pretty sure this one is more).  His nose, which until now has been plugged up has now cleared and he is practice breathing through it.  Capillaries are forming under his skin, and by weeks end, air sacs will develop in his lungs.
This weeks many babies start to turn head down from the breech position and I'm hoping this one follows suit!  He has been turning a lot lately from feet down to transverse to vertex and it's getting uncomfortable!  It's a very weird sensation to feel kicks and punches on both sides at the same time.

     So I went on Tuesday to visit my parents and came back today.  When I got home I discovered that Matt had put together the crib, changing table and dresser!  He even went and bought a mattress!  So sweet.  Of course I had to put the bedding in and it looks so cute!  Just gotta clear out some space now for everything.  I really like the Safari Animal theme and think I will use it for as much as possible.  Hoping I can find a cute changing pad cover to match.
I'm Starting to get excited!  Went to some yard sales and found some really cute baby clothes.  Almost bought a like new travel system (which really was a good deal) but it wasn't in the colors I want.  Yes I'm being picky picky cause I know this is my last.  I'm really into browns and greens.

     It's been a pretty uneventful week on the diabetes front.  I've had a couple night time highs but both were from me messing up.  Had Dreamfield's Pasta with chili on top and that apparently ate through the "protective coating" that keeps the carbs from digesting.  Yeah don't think we'll be eating that too often.  The other was from overtreating a low which you think I would not do by now but oh well, back on track now.  We have the fetal echo on Monday.  It is a routine test for diabetic preggos but still a little nerve wracking worrying that something might be wrong.  Aidan had a ventricular septal defect (small hole in his heart) that scared me half to death but it closed by birth.  Hoping everything is fine this time.  Matt is taking off work and going with me so that will be good.  My next peri appt is May 31 and then it starts getting fun.  I'll have a two week break during which we are heading to Mississippi to visit Grandma and Grandpa while I can still travel.  The kids are so excited.  Good week!

Friday, May 13, 2011

24 weeks

     I am now 24 weeks! That's six months in lunar months.  Baby is getting bigger every day.  He will gain around a half a pound this week!  He is very mobile now.  He can kick, suck his thumb, open and close his mouth, and his hearing is fully functional now.  He will start if there is a loud noise.  Pretty cool.  Babies born at this point are considered viable, but they are at risk for many disabilities.

     So I got an exercise/birthing ball at a really great deal from graveyardmall.  I've been using it to sit on and I think it's really helping the sciatica.  It has been better either way, so I will continue to use it if the kids don't destroy it first!  They love the new "toy" and are constantly fighting over it.  I had another day of swollen ankles (this time not after eating a jar of olives) but they have been better since.  I'm sure the heat is not helping.

     My baby girl had her last day of kindergarten today!  My how time flies.  She received 3 awards, academic achievement, superb sight reader award, and writing award for her creative stories!  I am so proud of her.  She is reading very well and just lost one of her front teeth.  Now we have to come up with some summer activities.  I'm trying to get stewartmommies playgroup active again, so if you're in the Fort Stewart/Hinesville area, please come join us.

     I've had some wonky blood sugars this week.  A couple days ago I had some lows that stayed below 40 for a couple hours.  That was kinda scary.  Then I had another site rip out and ran in the 200's all day.  Not fun.  Back to normal today, so hopefully we'll stay that way for a while, though I know the big time insulin resistance will be starting very soon.


Friday, May 6, 2011

23 weeks

     Man, I've been a papaya for like 3 weeks now!  I think they need a new system.  We are at 23 weeks!  Baby is packing on the pounds.  By the end of the month he will have doubled his weight!  His lungs are coming along nicely and have started producing surfactant and he is taking practice breaths.  Babies born between 23 and 24 weeks have a 10-70% chance of survival but it is MUCH better that he stays in as long as possible!

     I think there is a huge difference in my belly this week!  He really is growing.  So far I've gained around 17lb.  Hopefully I won't gain too much this time around.  I usually gain around 35lb and I read that you typically gain the same amount with each child regardless of diet.  Guess we'll see.

     I had a great appointment with the midwife on Monday.  I had gained 4lb from last month and they were thrilled with that (had not been gaining for a while).  My blood pressure was great, 100/76, I measured right on target and they said my blood sugars were "perfect".  Not so sure about that one lol.  I go back on the 31'st which will put me at 26 weeks.  I'll be getting a CBC drawn and an antibody screen  I do get to skip the gestational diabetes test.  Woohoo!  No sugary nasty drink for me!  I will go back after that at 28 weeks and have my Rhogam shot since I am O-negative and Matt is positive.  After that I will go weekly for non-stress tests and biophysical profiles until 32 weeks.  After that I will go twice weekly.  Phew!  That is gonna get expensive gas and childcare wise.  I have my fetal echo-cardiogram on the 23rd.  This is just protocol with diabetics, not because they are otherwise concerned.
     Everything has been going pretty well otherwise.  My blood sugars have been decent, a few night time lows, but not too bad.  I have been having more trouble with sciatica.  I don't remember it being this bad with the other two.  I've had a few Braxton Hicks contractions, but nothing bad.  Guess my body is just practicing!