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Monday, December 12, 2011

15 weeks old

     Wow, it has been crazy lately.  Sorry I'm late with this post.  Matt has accepted a job offer in El Paso, TX so we are gearing up for a move and along with Christmas and everything else, things have been hectic lately.  Adrian is doing great!  He's trying to sit up and has done it for a few seconds.  I was able to get him a Jumperoo on Freecycle and he absolutely loves it!  He bounces and "dances" all day long.  I think it is really helping with strength and coordination as well.

     So last week my good friend Steve Cooksey and I decided to try an "experiment".  We decided to eat "high carb" for a day or two.  I wanted to kick start weight loss, and shock my metabolism (read about this here: and he wanted to test the effects on his blood sugar.  Check out his results here:  So the plan was to continue no bread, grains, flour etc and no sugar or "junk" and to keep fat around 50g.  I added back in milk, rice,  fruit and starchy vegetables.

      At first it was ok.  I started off with a banana for breakfast.  Blood sugars stayed decent and my post meal bg was 109.  For lunch I had greek yogurt, a handful of almonds, some tuna and an orange. I did well with that and for dinner I made Rotisserie chicken, rice and vegetables, and sweet potato fries.  I tolerated this well.  The next morning I decided to try a combo of yogurt and a banana.  Big mistake.  I spiked to the 280's and could not bring it down.  I remained in the 200's all day and it took a couple days to get back to normal numbers.  I called off the experiment at this point.  I was missing my fat big time!  Matt and I went to the Chinese buffet and I loaded up on meat and veggies.

     I think the change in diet affected Adrian.  He had some digestive upsets and was very fussy.  Won't be doing that again any time soon!

Thursday night was Diana's school talent show.  She sang "Tomorrow" from "Annie".  She had a great time and not a lick of stage fright.  She also had a wonderful time getting ready and putting on "makeup".  Daddy gave her a special surprise.  A new necklace and earrings.  We did take a video but it did not come out well due to lighting.  You can listen here:

     Friday was Christmas tree day.  We drove to Midway to Brewer's Christmas tree farm.  We went there last year and had a good experience so decided to go back.  The children had a great time picking out a tree, as well as feeding the goats and bunnies.