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Friday, March 30, 2012

7 months old

     A couple days late, but Adrian is 7  months old!  He is "talking up a storm".  He says "mama" and "dada" and "nana" (banana) and "baba".  He is now in 12 month size clothes and is eating great.  I decided to give baby led weaning a try.  You can read about it here:  He's eating regular table food (still delaying dairy and grains).  We're not doing much pureed food anymore.  He loves bananas and steak is still his favorite!  He is finally sleeping in his crib as well!  He's still not sleeping through the night, but is only up once or twice.

Rockin his cloth diaper.
     So I have started cloth diapering.  At least part time.  I only have 5 so far so not enough for full time, but I am slowly buying them one at a time until I have a decent stash.  I'm buying the cheapo ones from China, but they are working great and we haven't had any leaks yet!  The name brand ones are so expensive and I am just too cheap for that.  There are some cute prints out there though.  Wish I could sew.  I would make them myself.

     I have been making other things myself though.  A couple years ago I made my own laundry detergent, but hadn't done it in quite a while.  A friend suggested I give it a try again so I decided to give it another go.  It's really easy.  You just combine borax, washing soda and Zote soap together in a blender/food processor.  It works out to about 5 cents a load, so saves tons of money.  Laundry detergent has gotten so expensive!  I also found recipes for homemade dishwasher detergent, and dryer sheets as well.  It's so easy and saves a lot.

Chatting with Uncle Mark
     Adrian and I got to go to SC a couple weeks ago.  A friend was getting married and I wanted to help out with the shower and to be at the wedding.  Adrian got to spend time with Grandma Ginny and Granddad and got to meet their friends as well. While there, I got to go to a dairy farm with my dad and was able to buy some raw milk!  I don't normally drink milk but wanted to try it.  It was pretty decent, but I think I'm spoiled from heavy whipping cream.

  Adrian did well on the flights.  He got fussy on one of them but did fine with the rest.  On the way back I brought home our cat Laque (that was lots of fun).  As soon as we got home though, he ran away and we haven't seen him since.  :(

     On a brighter note, we got 2 dogs!  Mystique is a Husky mix with one blue eye and one brown eye, and Gambit is some sort of Terrier.  They are very well behaved dogs and hardly even bark.  Mystique is a bit skittish, especially with Matt, but we're hoping she'll warm up to us.  She loves Diana.
Gambit and Mystique

     I finally found a new doctor in El Paso.  I as always was worried how he would react to my diet, but my fears were needless.  He didn't ask a single question about what I eat (nice huh).  He really didn't ask questions at all besides what prescriptions I needed.  That's fine with me.  I'll listen to what a doctor has to say, but I make my own decisions where my diabetes is concerned.  I called my supply companies today and it looks like there will be no issues getting my sensors and my pump supplies.  He ran an a1c and a lipid profile.  Will be curious to see how they come out.  I'm sure my a1c will be higher.  I've been on and off the pump and sensors for the last few weeks since I started running low on supplies and didn't have a doctor yet. Hopefully it's not too bad. The doctor did refer me to an endocrinologist which I'm not too happy about.  Maybe I'll just forget to make an appointment.