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Friday, April 26, 2013

Still Losing!

     I am now 8 days out of Phase 3 and as of this morning I am 146.8lb!  That's over 3lb below my lowest injecting weight and 2lb below my lowest weight in the 72 hours not injecting at the end!  I am thisclose to my goal of 145 which I didn't think I was going to make.

     I've been experimenting eating super high fat and it appears to be working.  Yesterday I really pushed it and hit 94% fat.  Someone suggested I use ghee in my Bulletproof coffee and this boosted the fat and calories up.  It's totally awesome BTW, better than butter.  I'm not restricting calories but I have set 1800 as my upper limit and thought that kind of put a crimp in my food for the day but I actually ate fewer calories.  Maybe because it kept me full longer?  So I had it again yesterday, a fatty pork steak for lunch and mushrooms and onions sauteed in butter and bacon fat for dinner.  I was totally full but my calories and fat were lower than I wanted so I made what is essentially a fat bomb.  I mixed 2tsp heavy whipping cream, a Tbsp double devon cream, a Tbsp coconut oil, a Tbsp coconut cream a Tbsp of butter and some sugar free Torani salted caramel syrup.  It was like a decadent dessert and probably would have made an awesome ice cream but I was too impatient to wait.  That added 32g of fat and 275 calories and put me at 94% fat for the day.  I was very curious to see what the effects would be and I'm excited to say they were awesome!

     I don't think I'll push it that high all the time.  I'm still aiming for 80% which I'm hitting most days.
I think I see abs!

I've always avoided shorts because I hate my thighs.  They're still bigger than I 'd like but I might just wear them this year!

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