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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sodium Strikes Again!

     Eeek!  This morning I am up count them, SIX POUNDS!!!  I was already up 3 because well my body tends to do this on a regular basis and yesterday I had some salted pumpkin seeds and then I had 2 bunless chicken sandwiches from Sonic.  This morning, up 3 more lb.  I am trying not to freak as I do this quite regularly (can you say every month?) and after looking at my food journal from yesterday I went over my sodium allowance by 3500 mg!  Guess I went kinda nuts on the pumpkin seeds.  We were in a hurry to get to Diana's GT symposium so we grabbed snacks from the gas station.  I thought the pumpkin seeds were the best choice and they probably were but OUCH!  Pushing water and doing a protein day.  In addition to my Bulletproof coffee and water I am only eating eggs or meat.  Hopefully I can flush out this sodium.
What I'm having for breakfast and lunch today!

A fun picture from last night.

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